Natural Gas Midstream Projects

Active Projects

Project Number Project Name Primary Performer
FE0029068 Characteristics of Gathering and Boosting Stations Colorado State University
Methane Mitigation Thermoelectric Generator (MMTEG) Gas Technology Institute
Classification of Methane Emissions from Industrial Meters, Vintage vs New Plastic Pipe, and Plastic-lined Steel and Cast Iron Pipe
Gas Technology Institute
FE0029085 Long-Term Methane Emissions Rate Quantification and Alert System for Natural Gas Storage Wells and Fields GSI Environmental Inc.
In-Situ Pipeline Coatings for Methane Emissions Mitigation and Quantification from Natural Gas Pipelines
Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.
FE0029062 Sensor Enabled Coatings for Methane Release Mitigation PPG Industries, Inc.
Remote methane sensor for emissions from pipelines and compressor stations using Chirped-laser Dispersion Spectroscopy Princeton University
FE0029020 Smart Methane Emission Detection System Development Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
FE0029021 Novel Seal Design for Effective Mitigation of Methane Emissions from Reciprocating Compressors
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
Emission Inventories from Natural Gas Storage Facilities using Regional Frequency Comb Laser Monitoring and Aircraft Flyovers University of Colorado
Multi-Functional Distributed Fiber Sensors for Pipeline Monitoring and Methane Detections
University of Pittsburgh