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Liquefaction of Coal Mine Methane to produce LNG for Industrial and Transportation Applications
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The primary objectives of this work are to conduct the first pilot-scale field demonstration of a process to capture, purify, and convert coal mine methane (CMM) into commercially significant volumes of liquefied natural gas (LNG); demonstrate the extent of reduction in CMM emissions; and demonstrate the efficiency and economics of producing LNG from CMM.


Appalachian-Pacific Coal Mine Methane Power Co, LLC, Washington, DC 20004


This project was awarded under a National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) program focused on developing improved methods for extracting coal mine methane (CMM) gas. The Appalachian-Pacific CMM Power Company LLC (A-P) planned to demonstrate a pilot process to convert coal mine methane from a mine in Mannington, WV into liquefied natural gas (LNG) that could be used to fuel heavy trucks. The liquefaction process originally envisioned was known as TASHER technology. The TASHER process was to be used to cool the methane to cryogenic temperatures to convert it to LNG, which could be used as a substitute for diesel fuel in modified fleet vehicles.

Subsequently the Mannington site became unavailable and Chart Industries sold its TASHER technology rights to Praxair, which shelved further development. Consequently, with DOE approval, A-P modified its project concept to encompass an approach to employ gas conditioning equipment to condition methane from coal mine gas for sale to a nearby natural gas pipeline (until CMM vehicle fuel markets can be developed) and then deploy non-TASHER refrigeration equipment to liquefy the purified and dehydrated CMM stream for use as a vehicle fuel.


This project, if successful, could demonstrate that commercial quantities of methane can be converted to LNG in an environmentally acceptable manner and could help develop regional markets for the sale of LNG as an alternative transportation fuel. These accomplishments could impact the U.S. energy portfolio by helping to demonstrate the viability of tapping into underutilized supplies of natural gas while simultaneously reducing the volume of CMM vented to the atmosphere.

Accomplishments (most recent listed first)
  • A National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) environmental assessment of the Parish Shaft of the Federal No. 2 Mine was completed, but the site was subsequently withdrawn. A new environmental assessment will be performed upon final site selection.
  • A-P has acquired/developed all gas conditioning equipment (except for project compression equipment for which requirements are particularly site specific).
  • A-P has acquired letters of intent from gas pipeline companies near the West Elk Mine site in Paonia, CO to receive gas from the project until the intended LNG transportation fuel market is established (if necessary).
  • A-P has continued to actively pursue opportunities to access a project field site from which it can demonstrate the potential feasibility of converting methane into a viable fuel for the transportation market.
Current Status

Given the protracted efforts to gain access to CMM gas from the West Elk Mine site, A-P has focused its investigation into alternate field test sites. A-P visited multiple potential sites in the Appalachian basin throughout 2012, and has narrowed potential options to a single preferred site in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Discussions with site operators about gas and land access for project demonstration purposes are ongoing. More detailed technical, economic, and environmental evaluations are planned for this field site in the coming months. If this site is found to be fully technically suitable, and the project demonstration is considered to be economically viable at the site, then A-P will initiate efforts to secure external funding needed to acquire required liquefaction equipment and pay for demonstration operations.

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