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LNG Risk Assessment
Project Number
FWP 47515

To assess the risk and potential consequences of a potential LNG tanker spill over water.

Objective: With anticipated increases in LNG imports into the United States, public concern regarding the safety of LNG has been heightened. Of particular concern, is the risk of a tanker leak or catastrophic failure near an import terminal and the potential safety hazards to surrounding communities. Though the safety history of the LNG industry and in particular tanker transport is excellent, additional risk-based assessment of the potential for tanker spills on water and the potential consequences of such an event is warranted.

This project will develop a probability-based approach to evaluate the potential risks associated with LNG spills over water. Following a comprehensive review and assessment of past LNG spill studies, an approach will be developed that includes evaluation of container breach scenarios, spill and dispersion dynamics, and spill impacts and consequences. This project will involve substantial support from the U.S. Coast Guard, the responsible authority for LNG tanker transport, including; input of appropriate ship, shipping, port and port restriction data as well as their review and evaluation of the developed risk assessment approach.

This project will result in a written report outlining the spill probability for various threat scenarios and an assessment of the potential safety hazards resulting from such events. Hazard assessments will include associated thermal and other hazards to people and property including ship damage, port facilities, port operations, LNG operations, and short term and long term LNG availability. Analysts will also generally evaluate potential consequences/impacts to offshore LNG storage and/or regas facilities due to an accidental spill or leak, or other sorts of breaches. The report will also identify appropriate mitigation approaches and techniques to help minimize the consequences of an LNG spill over water under a variety of threat scenarios.


Sandia National Laboratory

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