Carbon Management


NETL’s Carbon Management Technologies Program, which comprises a world-class team of high-performing leaders, scientists, and engineers, houses the necessary engineering and scientific expertise to manage external R&D projects that further DOE Fossil Energy and Carbon Management Program goals. Research in this area supports point source carbon capture, CO2 removal, CO2 conversion into products, and reliable CO2 storage. This work also enhances power cycle efficiency and develops low-carbon hydrogen technologies. The guided scaling and commercialization of these industrial- and power-generation-affiliated technologies promotes the growth of good-paying jobs, especially to those in disadvantaged or burdened communities.

NETL’s Carbon Management Technologies Program

Advancing Carbon Management Approaches toward Deep Decarbonization

Ensuring Affordable, Abundant and Reliable Energy: Providing solutions that are focused on innovative technologies that will help build a clean energy economy, including sourcing low-carbon hydrogen that will be critical to produce fuels and chemicals with CO2 as a feedstock.

Developing Technologies To Manage Carbon Across the Full Life Cycle: Limiting the climate and environmental impacts of fossil fuels through point source carbon capture and reliable storage (CCS) and CO2 removal from the atmosphere to address the hardest-to-decarbonize sectors – essential to achieving a low-carbon economy at the lowest possible cost. This effort will include developing and deploying low-carbon supply chains like cement and concrete, steel, paper, fuel, nylon polyester and other important products the nation relies on every day.

Enabling Environmental Sustainability for all Americans: Improving the conditions of communities impacted by the legacy of continued fossil fuels use and envisioning a clean energy transition that produces good-paying jobs.


Carbon Management Technologies Thrusts

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Point Source Carbon Capture

Advancing technologies and techniques focusing on point source carbon capture from both power generation and industrial sources, utilizing both new technologies and the demonstration of more proven approaches.

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Carbon Dioxide Removal

Advancing diverse approaches that directly or indirectly remove CO2 emissions from the atmosphere to help support gigaton-scale removal by 2050.

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Carbon Dioxide Conversion

Developing and demonstrating a broad suite of technologies that convert CO2 into environmentally responsible, equitable and economically valuable products that help achieve the goal of a decarbonized economy by 2050.

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Carbon Transport and Storage

Developing the tools, techniques and innovations needed to enable safe, lowest cost, permanent CO2 storage.


NETL implements this effort as part of DOE's Carbon Management Technologies Program.