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Industry Workshop on Drilling Technology
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To enlist industry input for the establishment and implementation of a Deep Trek Gas Program

Objective: The objective of the Deep Trek Workshop was to formulate an action plan for a proposed new initiative for the Department of Energy’s Oil and Gas Program. The workshop provided the opportunity to gather input from industry and other stakeholders on what was needed to facilitate exploitation and production of deep oil and gas reserves; what was needed in drilling and completing deep wells; and how the DOE can contribute in industry/government collaboration to meet these needs.


Sandia National Laboratory (SNL)

Accomplishments (most recent listed first)

On March 20-21, 2001, NETL and SNL hosted the Deep Trek Workshop in Houston, Texas. Specific technology challenges and opportunities focused on drilling and completion fluids, completion-based well design, advanced smart drilling systems, and drilling diagnostics and sensor systems. During the workshop, 96 participants from 53 organizations actively shared ideas through presentations and facilitated breakout sessions. In addition, the industry presenters gave detailed lists of their drilling needs for an R&D program. In the breakout sessions, structured brainstorming and critical analysis were used to identify barriers and technology opportunities and to prioritize collaborative actions.

Current Status

and Remaining Tasks: This project was completed with the distribution of the Workshop proceedings. The proceedings include all of the speaker presentations and two appendices for the breakout session products and the participant list. The proceedings are publicly available on CD from the NETL CD Ordering Center..

The workshop enhanced DOE’s dialog with industry and help to establish the path forward for the Deep Trek Program. In September 2002, DOE/NETL announced the first five projects selected in this new program area. Three additional projects were awarded in May 2003.

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