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LNG Primer
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To develop a comprehensive reference document on LNG that incorporates recent changes in policy, regulation, safety, and technology.

Objective: This project is developing a LNG Primer designed to be a resource – an authoritative reference document – that appeals to a broad readership. This document will address LNG “from A to Z.” Other organizations have compiled significant information and written on various aspects of LNG, however, given today's intense focus on LNG, it is imperative that a stand-alone reference be developed that incorporates recent changes in policy, regulation, safety, and technology. The document will include the latest forecasts for LNG imports, and addresses the most critical issues related to LNG at the appropriate level of detail.


National Energy Technology Laboratory


A final draft document has been completed and submitted to FE. The document addresses the current and forecasted worldwide markets for LNG, and includes a thorough description of the LNG value chain, the physical and chemical nature of LNG and the associated hazards, regulatory oversight of the LNG industry and an assessment of the outlook for LNG infrastructure expansion in the U.S.

Current Status

and Remaining Tasks: 
This report complements other related documents that are being developed by the DOE/National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) partnership. NARUC is developing a model communication plan and an LNG issues paper for state regulators use in support of hearings, public meetings, and permitting. Clearly, this LNG Primer will advance the knowledge base of multiple stakeholder groups and lead to more effective and fact-based dialog among all parties. The report has gone through preliminary review and has been story boarded. A preliminary layout of the report is scheduled to be complete by May 7th. Plans are to issue the primer as a DOE report and to have the document printed by the GPO. Finally, plans are to release (make available to the public) the primer in early July at either the anticipated FE/NETL LNG roadmapping workshop in Houston, TX or NARUC's summer committee meetings in Salt Lake City, UT (July 11-14, 2004).

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NETL – John Duda (304-285-4217 or john.duda

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LNG Primer : Liquefied Natural Gas: Understanding the Basic Facts [external site - Fossil Energy]