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Modular Gas to Chemicals Reactor
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The overall objective of this project is to develop a scalable catalyst-membrane reactor to address conversion and coking technical challenges thereby dramatically improving the commercialization potential.


Technology Holding, LLC, West Valley City, UT 84119

Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 80401


Technology Holding LLC proposes to demonstrate a cost-effective modular reactor to convert natural gas to benzene at smaller scales operated in fuel cell mode. The objective of the proposed project is to demonstrate the feasibility of a combined catalyst-membrane scheme to yield high single-pass conversion and significantly reduce coking. The proposed innovation does not require oxygen or air as reactants thereby enabling smaller-scale economies of operation. Prior work by the proposing team has identified a resilient catalyst and a thermochemically stable, inexpensive, high flux, high selectivity hydrogen transport ceramic membrane. The initial laboratory-scale technical feasibility of a combined catalyst-membrane reactor to yield supra-equilibrium conversion has been demonstrated.


Upon successful commercialization, the proposed innovation will help reduce or eliminate gas flaring, improve domestic production of value-added chemicals, and help create domestic jobs.

Accomplishments (most recent listed first)
  • A cheaper and more robust catalyst has been developed 
  • A highly conductive membrane and initial reactor architecture has been developed
  • An initial process system model has been created
  • Rough order of magnitude process economics has been established
  • Initial integration of the catalyst and membrane architecture has been performed.
  • Three specific O&G companies have been briefed on our efforts.
Current Status

(May 2022)
The project is progressing as per the technical work plan. The team has established baselines for catalyst performance and membrane performance. Initial integration of the catalyst and membrane has been performed.

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Contact Information

NETL — Eric Smistad ( or 832-603-0435)
Technology Holding, LLC — Karanjikar Mukund ( or 801-557-5923)