Completed Enhanced Oil Recovery and Other Oil Resoureces Projects

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Completed Enhanced Oil Recovery and Other Oil Resources Projects
Project Number Project Name Primary Performer
DE-FE0010799 Small Molecular Associative Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Thickeners for Improved Mobility Control University of Pittsburgh
DE-AC26-07NT42677 Ultra-Deepwater and Unconventional Natural Gas & Other Petroleum Resources Program Consortium Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA)
DE-FE0010667 Liquid-Rich Shale Potential of Utah's Uinta and Paradox Basins: Reservoir Characterization and Development Optimization Utah Geological Survey
DE-FE0000880 Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS) and Cost Effective Regulatory Approaches (CERA) Related to Hydraulic Fracturing and Geologic Sequestration of CO2 Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC)
DE-FE0010808 New Generation Hydraulic Fracturing Model for Horizontal Wells University of Texas at Austin
10122-39 Novel Engineered Osmosis Technology: A Comprehensive Approach to the Treatment and Reuse of Produced Water and Drilling Wastewater Colorado School of Mines
11123-03 Cost-Effective Treatment of Produced Water Using Co-Produced Energy Sources - Phase II: Field Scale Demo and Commercialization Petroleum Recovery Research Center (PRRC)
12123-18 Water Treatment System for Effective Acid Mine Drainage Water Use in Hydraulic Fracturing PPG Industries, Inc.
11123-09 Upstream Ultrasonic Processing for Small Producers: Preventative Maintenance for Paraffin Management in Production Tubing Using Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Technology Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
11123-28 Field Demonstration of Chemical Flooding of the Trembley Oilfield, Reno County, Kansas Kansas University Center for Research
12123-42 Reducing the Impacts of Deterioration of Cement Integrity on Small Producers Rice University
DE-FE0003616 Stripper Well Consortium Pennsylvania State University
DE-FE0001243 Clean and Secure Energy from Domestic Oil Shale and Oil Sands Resources University of Utah 
DE-FE0005961 RVA: 3-D Visualization and Analysis Software to Support Management of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources University of Illinois/Illinois State Geological Survey
DE-FE0005889 Case Studies of the ROZ CO2 Flood and the Combined ROZ/MPZ CO2 Flood at the Goldsmith Landreth Unit, Ector County, Texas The University of Texas of the Permian Basin 
11123-08 Basin-Scale Produced Water Management Tools and Options Utah Geological Survey 
11123-24 Reduction of Uncertainty in Surfactant-Flooding Pilot Design using Multiple Single Well Tests, Fingerprinting and Modeling University of Oklahoma
11123-23 Field Demo of Eco-Friendly Propped Hydraulic Fractures DaniMer Scientific, LLC
11123-14 Study and Pilot Test of Preformed Particle Gel Conformance Control Combined with Surfactant Treatment  Missouri University of Science and Technology
11123-32  Water Management in Mature Oil Fields Using Advanced Particle Gels University of Texas 
10123-17  Identifying and Developing Technology for Enabling Small Producers to Pursue the Residual Oil Zone (ROZ) Fairways of the Permian Basin, San Andres The University of Texas of the Permian Basin
10122-43 Diagnosis of Multi-Stage Fracturing in Horizontal Well by Downhole Temperature Measurement for Unconventional Oil and Gas Wells Texas A&M University
09123-03 Field Testing and Diagnostics of Radial-Jet Well Stimulation for Enhanced Oil Recovery from Marginal Reserves New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
07123-06 Seismic Stimulation to Enhance Oil Recovery Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 
10123-03 Game Changing Technology of Polymeric Surfactants for Tertiary Oil Recovery in the Illinois Basin PEER Institute 
DE-FE0006011 Development of Real Time Semi-Autonomous Geophysical Data Acquisition and Processing System to Monitor Flood Performance White River Technologies
DE-FE0005979 Nanoparticle-stabilized CO2 Foam for CO2 EOR Application New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
DE-FE0005917 Use of Engineered Nanoparticle-stabilized CO2 Foams to Improve Volumetric Sweep of CO2 EOR Processes The University of Texas at Austin
DE-FE0005902 Novel CO2 Foam Concepts and Injection Schemes for Improving CO2 Sweep Efficiency in Sandstone and Carbonate Hydrocarbon Formations The University of Texas at Austin
DE-FE0001175 Targeted Technology Transfer for Oil and Natural Gas Petroleum Technology Transfer Council
10123-03 Game Changing Technology of Polymeric Surfactants for Tertiary Oil Recovery in the Illinois Basin Power Environmental and Energy Research Institute (PEER Institute)
09123-18 Characterization of Potential Sites for Near Miscible CO2Applications to Improve Oil Recovery in Arbuckle Reservoirs University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
09123-14 GREEN OIL™ CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery for America’s Small Oil Producers Pioneer Astronautics, Inc.
09123-11 Treatment and Beneficial Reuse of Produced Waters Using A Novel Pervaporation-Based Irrigation Technology University of Wyoming
09123-09 Enhanced Oil Recovery from the Bakken Shale Using Surfactant Imbibition Coupled with Gravity Drainage University of North Dakota
DE-FC26-06NT43029 Carbon Dioxide-Enhanced Oil Production from the Citronelle Oil Field in the Rodessa Formation, South Alabama University of Alabama at Birmingham
DE-FE0001240 Alaska North Slope Oil and Gas Transportation Support System Geo-Watersheds Scientific
DE-NT0006555 Use of Polymers to Recover Viscous Oil from Unconventional Reservoirs New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
DE-NT0006554 GIS and Web-Based Water Resource Geospatial Infrastructure for Oil Shale Development Colorado School of Mines
DE-FE0006015 Full-featured, User-Friendly CO2 EOR and Sequestration Planning Software NITEC, LLC
DE-FE0005958 Improved Mobility Control in CO2 Enhanced Recovery Using SPI Gels Impact Technologies, LLC
DE-FE0005952 Development of an Advanced Simulator to Model Mobility Control and Geomechanics During CO2 Floods The University of Texas at Austin
DE-NT0005684 Using Artificial Barriers to Augment Fresh Water Supplies in Shallow Arctic Lakes University of Alaska Fairbanks
DE-NT0005683 North Slope Decision Support for Water Resource Planning and Management University of Alaska Fairbanks
DE-NT0005682 Innovative Water Management Technology to Reduce Environmental Impacts of Produced Water Clemson University


Reservoir Characterization of Bridgeport and Cypress Sandstones in Lawrence Field Illinois Illinois State Geological Survey
DE-NT0005663 Fluid and Rock Property Controls On Production and Seismic Monitoring Alaska Heavy Oils Colorado School of Mines
DE-FC26-08NT0005643 Geomechanical Study of Bakken Formation for Improved Oil Recovery University of North Dakota
DE-FE0000408 Shale Oil Upgrading Utilizing Ionic Conductive Membranes Ceramatec, Inc
DE-10ER85357 Unconventional High Temperature Nanofiltration for Produced Water Treatment Eltron Research & Development Inc.
09123-20 Creating Fractures Past Damage More Effectively With Less Environmental Damage DaniMer Scientific, LLC
08122-35 The Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC)
08123-19 Commercial Exploitation and the Origin of Residual Oil Zones: Developing a Case History in the Permian Basin of New Mexico and West Texas The University of Texas of the Permian Basin
08123-16 Development Strategies for Maximizing East Texas Oil Field Production Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin
08123-12 Evaluation and Modeling of Stratigraphic Control on the Distribution of Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoir Away From Major Fault Planes Western Michigan University
08123-02 Field Demonstration of Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Floods in Mature Oil Reservoirs Brookshire Dome, Texas Layline Petroleum 1, LLC
07123-04 Enhancing Oil Recovery from Mature Reservoirs Using Radial-Jetted Laterals and High-Volume Progressive Cavity Pumps University of Kansas
07123-01 Field Site Testing of Low Impact Oil Field Access Roads: Reducing the Footprint in Desert Ecosystems Texas A&M University TEES Department of Petroleum Engineering
DE-FE0003537 Next Generation Surfactants for Improved Chemical Flooding Technology Oklahoma University Enhanced Oil Recovery Design Center
08123-10 Electrical Power Generation from Produced Water: Field Demonstration of Ways to Reduce Operating Costs of Small Producers Gulf Coast Green Energy
08123-07 Mini-Waterflood: A New Cost Effective Approach to Extend the Economic Life of Small, Mature Oil Reservoirs New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
DE-NT0005671 Water-Related Issues Affecting Conventional Oil and Gas Recovery and Potential Oil Shale Development in the Uinta Basin, Utah Utah Geological Survey
DE-FC26-08NT0005641 Producing Light Oil from a Frozen Reservoir: Reservoir and Fluid Characterization of Umiat Field, National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska University of Alaska Fairbanks
07123-05 Cost-Effective Treatment of Produced Water Using Co-Produced Energy Sources for Small Producers New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
07123-03 Near Miscible CO2 Application to Improve Oil Recovery for Small Producers University of Kansas
07123-02 Preformed Particle Gels for Conformance Control University of Missouri, Rolla
DE-NT0006556 Chemical Methods for Ugnu Viscous Oils University of Texas
07123-07 Reducing Impacts of New Pit Rules on Small Producers New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Fluid and Rock Property Controls on Production and Seismic Monitoring Alaska Heavy Oils Colorado School of Mines
DE-NT0005679 Bridging the Gap between Chemical Flooding and Independent Oil Producers University of Kansas Center for Research
DE-FC26-08NT43291–01.8 Investigation of Improved Conductivity and Proppant Applications in the Bakken Formation Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC)