Completed Unconventional Resources Projects

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Completed Unconventional Resources Projects
Project Number Project Name Primary Performer
Assessing Fugitive Methane Emissions Using Natural Gas Engines in Unconventional Resource Development
West Virginia University
DE-FE0024357 Utica Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory Ohio State University
DE-SC0011884 Innovative, Economical, Ultra-clean Incinerator for Low Heating Value VOC Emissions Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc
DE-FE0000880 Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS) and Cost Effective Regulatory Approaches (CERA) Related to Hydraulic Fracturing and Geologic Sequestration of CO2 Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC)
DE-FE0024311 Maximize Liquid Oil Production from Shale Oil and Gas Condensate Reservoirs by Cyclic Gas Injection Texas Tech University
DE-FE0024293 nXis Well Integrity Inspection in Unconventional Gas Wells GE Global Research
DE-FE0013723 Development of Nanoparticle-Stabilized Foams To Improve Performance of Water-less Hydraulic Fracturing The University of Texas at Austin
DE-FE0010667 Liquid-Rich Shale Potential of Utah's Uinta and Paradox Basins: Reservoir Characterization and Development Optimization Utah Geological Survey
FWP 100211 Chemical Control of Fluid Flow and Contaminant Release in Shale Microfractures SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
DE-AC26-07NT42677 Ultra-Deepwater and Unconventional Natural Gas & Other Petroleum Resources Program Consortium Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA)
DE-FE0014055 Measurements and Modeling to Quantify Emissions of Methane and VOCs from Shale Gas Operations Carnegie Mellon University
DE-FE0013590 Continuous, Regional Methane Emissions Estimates in Northern Pennsylvania Gas Fields Using Atmospheric Inversions The Pennsylvania State University
DE-FE0014144 "Nanite" for Better Well-Bore Integrity and Zonal Isolation Oceanit
02-10ER85986 Swellable Organosilica Materials to Clean Produced Water Absorbent Materials Corporation
12122-91 4D integrated study to Develop Assessment Models for Potential Induced Seismicity Risk University of Oklahoma
12122-95 Reconciling Top-down and Bottom-up GHG and Air Pollutant Emissions Estimates from UOG Development in the D-J Basin Colorado School of Mines
12122-15 Measure of Hydrocarbon and GHG Emissions from Uncharacterized Area Sources Utah State University
11122-42 Annular Isolation in Shale Gas Wells: Prevention and Remediation of Sustained Casing Pressure and other Isolation Breaches CSI Technologies, LLC
DE-FE0014066 Development and Validation of an Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Process for Source Water Battelle
10122-39 Novel Engineered Osmosis Technology: A Comprehensive Approach to the Treatment and Reuse of Produced Water and Drilling Wastewater Colorado School of Mines
11122-45 Advanced Analytical Methods for Air and Stray Gas Emissions and Produced Brine Characterization GSI Environmental Inc.
11122-53 Web-based Tool for Flowback and Produced Water Characterization, Treatment and Beneficial Use Colorado School of Mines
11122-71 Water Handling and Enhanced Productivity from Gas Shales University of Southern California
11122-55 Development of GIS-Based Tool for Optimized Fluid Management in Shale Operations Colorado State University
DE-FE0013902 Evaluation of Deep Subsurface Resistivity Imaging for Hydrofracture Monitoring GroundMetrics, Inc.
DE-FE0010808 New Generation Hydraulic Fracturing Model for Horizontal Wells University of Texas at Austin
10122-47 Predicting Higher than Average Permeability Zones in Tight-Gas Sands, Piceance Basin: An Integrated Structural and Stratigraphic Analysis Colorado School of Mines
11122-20 Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing Gas Technology Institute
09122-32 A Geomechanical Model for Gas Shales Based on the Integration of Stress Measurements and Petrophysical Data From the Greater Marcellus Gas System The Pennsylvania State University
10122-42 A Geomechanical Analysis of Gas Shale Fracturing and Its Containment Texas A&M University
11122-07 Conductivity of Complex Fracturing in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs Texas A&M University - TEES
11122-63 Petrophysics and Tight Rock Characterization for the Application of Improved Stimulation and Production Technology in Shales Oklahoma State University
12122-52 Connectivity between Fractures and Pores in Hydrocarbon-rich mudrocks University of Texas - Austin
11122-63 Petrophysics and Tight Rock Characterization for the Application of Improved Stimulation and Production Technology in Shales Oklahoma State University
11122-20 Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing Gas Technology Institute
09122-32 A Geomechanical Model for Gas Shales Based on the Integration of Stress Measurements and Petrophysical Data From the Greater Marcellus Gas System The Pennsylvania State University
DE-FE0001175 Targeted Technology Transfer for Oil and Natural Gas Petroleum Technology Transfer Council
SC0013217 A HPC-based Flowback and Cleanup Simulator Tool for Horizontal Well Completion and Optimization Reaction Engineering International 
DE-FE0014066 Development and Validation of an Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Process for Source Water Battelle 
DE-FE0003616 Stripper Well Consortium Pennsylvania State University 
DE-FE0005961 RVA: 3-D Visualization and Analysis Software to Support Management of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources University of Illinois/Illinois State Geological Survey 
DE-FC26-09NT0005670 Fabry-Perot MEMS Accelerometers for Advanced Seismic Imaging  Lumedyne Technologies, Inc. 
DE-FE0000975 Sustainable Management of Flowback Water During Hydraulic Fracturing of Marcellus Shale for Natural Gas Production University of Pittsburgh
11122-73 Development of Subsurface Brine Disposal Framework in the Northern Appalachian Basin Battelle 
11122-60 Cost-Effective Treatment of Flowback and Produced Waters via an Integrated Precipitative Supercritical Process Ohio University
11122-57 Advanced Treatment of Shale Gas Frac Water to Produce NPDES Quality Water Southern Research Institute 
11122-56 Managing Environmental Roadblocks to Shale Gas Development: Shallow Gas, NORMs, and Trace Metals (Texas) University of Texas - Austin 
11122-31 Development of Plasma Technology for the Management of Frac/Produced Water Drexel University 
11123-15 Hybrid Rotor Compression for Multiphase and Liquids-Rich Wellhead Production Applications OsComp Systems Inc.
11123-08 Basin-Scale Produced Water Management Tools and Options, Uinta Basin, Utah Utah Geological Survey 
11122-27 Relationships between Induced Seismicity and Fluid Injection: Development of Strategies to Manage Fluid Disposal in Shale Hydrocarbon Plays University of Texas at Austin
1022-43 Diagnosis of Multiple Fracture Stimulation in Horizontal Wells by Downhole Temperature Measurement for Unconventional Oil and Gas Wells  Texas A&M University
10122-20 Development of Non-Contaminating Cryogenic Fracturing Technology for Shale and Tight Gas Reservoirs Colorado School of Mines 
10122-19 Lowering Drilling Cost, Improving Operational Safety, and Reducing Environmental Impact through Zonal Isolation Improvement for Horizontal Wells Drilled in the Marcellus and Haynesville Shales CSI Technologies, LLC
10122-07 NORM Mitigation and Clean Water Recovery from Marcellus Frac Water GE Global Research
09122-41 Improved Drilling and Fracturing Fluids for Shale Gas Reservoirs The University of Texas at Austin 
09122-29 Using Single-Molecule Imaging System Combined with Nano-fluidic Chip to Understand Fluid Flow in Tight and Shale Gas Formation Missouri University of Science and Technology 
09123-11 Treatment and Beneficial Reuse of Produced Waters Using A Novel Pervaporation-Based Irrigation Technology University of Wyoming
09122-01 Gas Well Pressure Drop Prediction under Foam Flow Conditions University of Tulsa 
09122-02 Characterizing Stimulation Domains for Improved Well Completions in Gas Shales Higgs-Palmer Technologies 
09122-04 Marcellus Gas Shale Project Gas Technology Institute
09122-06 Prediction of Fault Reactivation in Hydraulic Fracturing of Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Reservoirs West Virginia University Research Corporation 
09122-07 Cretaceous Mancos Shale Uinta Basin, Utah: Resource Potential and Best Practices for an Emerging Shale Gas Play Utah Geological Survey 
09122-11 Simulation of Shale Gas Reservoirs Incorporating Appropriate Pore Geometry and the Correct Physics of Capillarity and Fluid Transport University of Oklahoma 
09122-12 Integrated Experimental and Modeling Approaches to Studying the Fracture-Matrix Interaction in Gas Recovery from Barnett Shale University of Texas at Arlington 
08122-53 Multiazimuth Seismic Diffraction Imaging for Fracture Characterization in Low-Permeability Gas Formations Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin
DE-FC26-00NT40978 Liquefaction of Coal Mine Methane to Produce LNG for Industrial and Transportation Applications Appalachian-Pacific Coal Mine Methane Power Co, LLC
DE-FE0001240 Alaska North Slope Oil and Gas Transportation Support System Geo-Watersheds Scientific
DE-FE0000804 Integration Of Water Resource Models With Fayetteville Shale Decision and Support Systems University of Arkansas
DE-FC26-09NT0005680 Produced Water Treatment Catalog and Decision Tool Arthur Langhus Layne, LLC
DE-FC26-00NT40978 Liquefaction of Coal Mine Methane to produce LNG for Industrial and Transportation Applications Appalachian-Pacific Coal Mine Methane Power Co, LLC
DE-FE0000888 Water Management Strategies for Improved Coalbed Methane Production in the Black Warrior Basin Geological Survey of Alabama
DE-10ER85357 Unconventional High Temperature Nanofiltration for Produced Water Treatment Eltron Research & Development Inc.
DE-FE0005975 Measuring Fracture Density and Orientation in Unconventional Reservoirs with Simple-source Vertical Seismic Profiles University of Texas, Bureau of Economic Geology
DE-NT0005682 Innovative Water Management Technology to Reduce Environmental Impacts of Produced Water Clemson University
DE-NT0005683 North Slope Decision Support for Water Resource Planning and Management University of Alaska Fairbanks
DE-NT0005684 Using Artificial Barriers to Augment Fresh Water Supplies in Shallow Arctic Lakes University of Alaska Fairbanks
DE-FE0000847 Pilot Testing: Pretreatment Options to Allow Re-Use of Frac Flowback and Produced Brine for Gas Shale Resource Development Texas A&M University
DE-FE0000797 Comprehensive Lifecycle Planning and Management System for Addressing Water Issues Associated With Shale Gas Development in New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia Arthur Langhus Layne, LLC
DE-FE0001466 Zero Discharge Water Management for Horizontal Shale Gas Well Development West Virginia University
DE-FC26-09NT0005680 Produced Water Treatment Catalog and Precision Tool Arthur Langhus Layne, LLC
DE-NT0005672 The Bakken-An Unconventional Petroleum and Reservoir System Colorado Energy Research Institute, Colorado School of Mines
09123-20 Creating Fractures Past Damage More Effectively With Less Environmental Damage DaniMer Scientific, LLC
08123-10 Electrical Power Generation from Produced Water: Field Demonstration of Ways to Reduce Operating Costs of Small Producers Gulf Coast Green Energy
08122-15 Novel Gas Isotope Interpretation Tools to Optimize Gas Shale Production California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
08122-05 Barnett and Appalachian Shale Water Management and Reuse Technologies Gas Technology Institute
08122-35 The Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC)
08122-36 Pretreatment and Water Management for Frac Water Reuse and Salt Production GE Global Research
08122-48 Sustaining Fracture Area and Conductivity of Gas Shale Reservoirs for Enhancing Long-Term Production and Recovery Texas A&M University and TerraTek
08122-55 Evaluation of Fracture Systems and Stress Fields within the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale and Characterization of Associated Water-Disposal Reservoirs: Appalachian Basin Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin
08122-45 Coupled Flow-Geomechanical-Geophysical-Geochemical (F3G) Analysis of Tight Gas Production Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
07122-15 Reservoir Connectivity and Stimulated Gas Flow in Tight Sands The Colorado School of Mines
07122-33 Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing Technology for Unconventional Tight Gas Reservoirs Texas Engineering Experiment Station
07122-36 Novel Fluids for Gas Productivity Enhancement in Tight Formations University of Tulsa
07122-09 Application Of Natural Gas Composition To Modeling Communication Within And Filling Of Large Tight-Gas-Sand Reservoirs, Rocky Mountains The Colorado School of Mines
07122-41 Improved Reservoir Access Through Refracture Treatments in Tight Gas Sands and Gas Shales University of Texas, Austin
07122-44 Gas Production Forecasting from Tight Gas Reservoirs: Integrating Natural Fracture Networks and Hydraulic Fractures University of Utah
07122-45 Paleozoic Shale-Gas Resources of the Colorado Plateau and Eastern Great Basin, Utah: Multiple Frontier Exploration Opportunities Well Database [xls] Utah Geological Survey
07122-22 Petrophysical Studies of Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Using High-Resolution Rock Imaging Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Earth Sciences Division
07123-07 Reducing Impacts of New Pit Rules on Small Producers New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
07122-07 Novel Concepts for Unconventional Gas Development in Shales, Tight Sands and Coalbeds Carter Technology
07122-12 An Integrated Framework for the Treatment and Management of Produced Water Colorado School of Mines
07122-14 Comprehensive Investigation of the Biogeochemical Factors Enhancing Microbially Generated Methane in Coal Beds The Colorado School of Mines
07122-16 New Albany Shale Gas Gas Technology Institute (GTI)


Geological Foundation for Production of Natural Gas from Diverse Shale Formations

Geological Survey of Alabama

07122-23 A Self-Teaching Expert System for the Analysis, Design and Prediction of Gas Production from Unconventional Gas Resources Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
07122-27 Enhancing Appalachian Coalbed Methane Extraction by Microwave-Induced Fractures The Pennsylvania State University
07122-29 Gas-Condensate Productivity in Tight Gas Sands Stanford University / Department of Energy Resources
07122-35 Optimizing Development Strategies to Increase Reserves in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Texas Engineering Experiment Station
07122-43 Optimization of Infill Well Locations in Wamsutter Field  University of Tulsa