Completed Transmission and Distribution Projects

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Operational Technologies

Completed Transmission & Distribution Projects
Project Number Project Name Primary Performer
DE-AM26-05NT42653 Conceptual Engineering/Socioeconomic Impact Study—Alaska Spur Pipeline ASRC Constructors, Inc.
Completed Inspection Technologies
DE-NT-0004654 The Instrumented Pipeline Initiative Concurrent Technologies Corporation
DE-FC26-03NT41881 Innovative Sensors for Pipeline Crawlers to Assess Pipeline Defects and Conditions Batelle Columbus Laboratories
FWP05FE03 Multi-purpose Sensor for Detecting Pipeline Defects Los Alamos National Laboratory
DE-FC26-04NT42267 Remote Detection of Internal Pipeline Corrosion Using Fluidized Sensors SouthWest Research Institute
DE-FC26-04NT42266 Delivery Reliability for Natural Gas - Inspection Technologies Gas Technology Institute
DE-FC26-04NT42264 Explorer II – Wireless Self-powered Visual and NDE Robotic Inspection System for Live Gas Pipelines Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute
FWP-42623 Ultrasonic Measurement of Plastic Strain in Pipelines Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
FWP04FE12 Power Generation in Natural Gas Pipelines Los Alamos National Laboratory
DE-FC26-03NT41882 Inspection of Fusion Joints in Plastic Pipe Edison Welding Institute
DE-FC26-02NT41320 Gasline Network Sensor System - GASNET Automatika, Inc.
DE-FC26-02NT41604 Pipelines as Networked Communication Links University of Missouri-Rolla
DE-FC26-02NT41644 Defect Assessment Using Conformable Array Data Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
DE-FC26-02NT41645 Development of an Inspection Platform and a Suite of Sensors for Assessing Corrosion and Mechanical Damage on Un-Piggable Transmission Mains Northeast Gas Association
DE-FC26-02NT41648 A Data Fusion System for the Non-Destructive Evaluation of Non-Piggable Pipes Rowan University
DE-FC26-01NT41156 Development of Nonlinear Harmonic Sensors for Detection of Mechanical Damage Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
DE-FC26-02NT41155 Design, Construction and Field Demonstration of EXPLORER: A Long-Range Untethered Live Gasline Inspection Robot System Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute
DE-FC26-01NT41154 Development of an EMAT In-Line Inspection System for Detection, Discrimination and Grading of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Pipelines Tuboscope Pipeline Services
DE-FC26-01NT41153 Conformable Array for Mapping Corrosion Profiles Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
DE-FC26-02NT41319 Monitoring Technology for Early Detection of Internal Corrosion for Pipeline Integrity Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
FEW04-012425 Real-time BTU Sensor for Natural Gas Applications Sandia National Laboratory
FEAB209 / FEAB210 New Acoustic Wave Pipe Inspection System Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
FEW01-01124 Sensor Development for the IPP Robotic Vehicle for Internal Detection of Gas Pipeline Defects Sandia National Laboratory (SNL)
DE-FC26-01NT41159 Circumferential MFL In-Line Inspection for Cracks in Pipelines Batelle Columbus Laboratories
Completed Remote Sensing Technologies
DE-FC26-04NT42268 High-Altitude, Aerial Natural Gas Leak Detection System Physical Sciences, Inc.
DE-FC26-03NT41878 Real Time Monitoring of Pipelines for Third Party Damage Southwest Research Institute / San Antonio City Public Services
DE-FC26-03NT41877 Testing of an Advanced Airborne Natural Gas Leak Detection System Eastman Kodak Co.
DE-FC26-03NT41857 A Cost Effective Multi-Spectral Scanner for Natural Gas Detection En-Urga, Inc.
DE-FC26-02NT41632 Airborne, Optical Remote Sensing of Methane and Ethane for Natural Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Ophir Corporation
DE-FC26-02NT41603 Handheld Sensor for Remote Detection of Natural Gas Leaks Physical Sciences, Inc. / Health Consultants, Inc.
DE-FC26-02NT41324 Acoustic Detecting and Locating Gas Pipeline Infringement West Virginia University / Transmissions, Inc.
DE-FC26-01NT41315 Detection of Subsurface Facilities Including Non-Metallic Pipe CyTerra Corporation
DE-FC26-01NT41317 A Low Cost GPR Gas Pipe & Leak Detector Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI)
DE-FC26-02NT41318 Differential Soil Impedance Obstacle Detection Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
DE-FC26-01NT41161 Capacitive Tomography for the Location of Plastic Pipe Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
DE-FC26-01NT41160 Detection of Unauthorized Construction Equipment in Pipeline Right-of-Ways Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
FEW0085/0097 Multispectral Remote Sensing Techniques for Natural Gas Transmission Infrastructure Systems Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Completed Materials Development
DE-FC26-03NT41880 Development of a Permanent Mechanical Repair Sleeve for Plastic Pipe Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
DE-FC26-03NT41879 Development of a Remote External Repair Tool for Damaged or Defective PE Pipe Timberwolf Corp. (Timberline Tool)
DE-FC26-03NT41858 Use of Pressure Activated Sealant Technology to Cure Pipeline Leaks Seal-Tite, LLC
DE-FC26-02NT41633 Internal Repair of Pipelines Edison Welding Institute (EWI)
DE-FC26-02NT41316 Sealing Large Diameter Cast-Iron Pipe Joints Under LIve Conditions Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
FWP-4340-70A Integral Communication, Damage Detection, and Multiple Sensor Application in Pipelines Idaho National Engineering & Environmental Laboratory (INEEL)
Completed Operational Technologies


Systematic Engine Up-rate Technology Development & Deployment for Pipeline Compressor Engines through Increased Torque Colorado State University (CSU)
DE-FC26-04NT42269 Advanced Reciprocating Compression Technologies (ARCT) Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
DE-FC26-03NT41646 Technologies to Enhance Operation of the Existing Natural Gas Compression Infrastructure Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
DE-FC26-01NT41158 Development of an Environmentally Benign Microbial Inhibitor to Control Internal Pipeline Corrosion Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
DE-FC26-01NT41162 Improvement to Pipeline Compressor Engine Reliability through Retrofit Micro-Pilot Ignition System Colorado State University (CSU)
DE-FC26-01NT41163 Increased Flexibility of Turbo-Compressors in Natural Gas Transmission Through Direct Surge Control Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
DE-FC26-01NT41322 Virtual Pipeline System Testbed Kansas State University
DE-FC26-02NT41643 IEMDC - In-Line Electric Motor Driven Compressor Dresser-Rand Co.
DE-FC26-03NT41859 Advanced Compressor Engine Controls to Enhance Operation, Reliability and Integrity Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
NETLOST-18-04 Laser Spark Ignition for Natural Gas Fueled Reciprocating Engine NETL in-house