Completed Natural Gas Storage Projects
Completed Natural Gas Storage Projects
Project Number Project Name Primary Performer
DE-DT0000358 Strategic Petroleum Reserve Northrop Grumman Missions System
DE-FC26-03NT41813 Geomechanical Analysis and Design Criteria Terralog Technologies
DE-FC26-03NT41779 Natural Gas Storage Technology Consortium Pennsylvania State University (PSU)
DE-FC26-03NT41743 Improved Deliverability in Gas Storage Fields by Identifying the Timing and Sources of Damage Using Smart Storage Technology Schlumberger Technology Corporation
DE-FG26-02NT41651 Cavern Roof Stability for natural-gas-storage in Bedded Salt RESPEC Inc.
DE-FC26-02NT41653 Examine & Evaluate a Process to Use Salt Caverns to Receive Ship Borne LNG Conversion Gas Imports, LLC
DE-FC26-02NT41299 Fracture Dissolution of Carbonate Rock:An Innovative Process for Gas Storage Clemson University (CU)
DE-FG26-02NT41652 Hydrate Control Data for Gas Storage Field Operations Colorado Engineering Experiment Station
CAES Monitoring to Support RMRCT (Sandia) CAES Development Co.
Systematic Technical Innovations Initiative for Brine Disposal in the NE New York State Museum
FWP-02FE15 Coiled Tubing Deployed Hard Rock Thermal Spallation Cavity Maker Los Alamos National Laboratory
DE-FC26-01NT41297 Gas Hydrate Storage of Natural Gas Mississippi State University (MSU)
DE-FC26-00NT41026 Proof-of-Concept Application of Multimechanism Deformation Coupled Mode Model in a Gas Storage Salt Cavern RESPEC Inc.
DE-FC26-00FT40702 CO2 Remediation of Hydrocarbon, Organic Residue, and Production Chemical (HOPs) Storage Well Damage Advanced Resources International
DE-FC26-00FT40704 Improved Natural Gas Storage Well Remediation Through Sonication Furness-Newburge, Inc
DE-FG26-99FT40375 Reservoir Characterization & 3D Models of Mt. Simon Gas Storage Fields in the Illinois Basin University of Illinois
DE-FC26-99FT40210 Gas Storage Optimization through GA/ANN Modeling Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
DE-FC26-99FT40703 Characterization of Conditions of Natural Gas Storage Reservoirs and Design and Remedial Techniques for Damage Mechanisms Schlumberger Technology Corporation (Holditch Reservoir Technologies)
DE-AF26-98FT02130 Provide Aeromagnetic Survey of the Royal Center Gas Storage Field Pearson deRidder & Johnson, Inc.
98FT30602 Gas Storage in Basalt Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
DE-AC26-97FT34350 Advanced Design Criteria to Improve the Working Gas Capacity of Natural Gas Storage Caverns RESPEC Inc.
DE-AC26-97FT34348 Commercialization Potential of Natural Gas Storage in Lined Rock Caverns Sofregaz US, Inc.
DE-AC26-97FT34349 Advanced Underground Gas Storage Concepts Project - Refrigerated-Mined Cavern Storage PB KBB, Inc.
DE-AC26-97FT33203 Adv. Gas Storage Concepts Project-Natural Gas Hydrates Storage Project Mississippi State University (MSU)
DE-FC21-96MC33033 Ultrasonic Meter Testing for Storage Applications Southwest Research Institute
DE-AC21-94MC31114 Natural Gas Storage - End User Interaction ICF Resources Inc.
DE-AC21-94MC31112 Field Verification of New & Novel Fracture Stimulation Technologies Advanced Resources International