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Acquisition Proposal Forms

F540.1-2 Application/Proposal Cover Sheet  WORD   PDF
F534.1-1 Contract Pricing Proposal Cover Sheet WORD   PDF
  Guide for Preparation of Cost Proposals      
142.1-1A Request for Unclassified Foreign National Access (short form)     PDF
451.1-1/6 Preparation of Environmental Volume WORD   PDF
451.1-1/1 Categorical Exclusion (CX) Designation Form WORD   PDF
451.1-1/3 Environmental Questionnaire (NEPA) WORD   PDF
cstpric Certificate of Current Cost and Pricing Data WORD   PDF
sbktrpln Sample Small Business Subcontracting Plan WORD   PDF
Reporting Forms
D241.4 Announcement of Computer Software WORD   PDF
F510.1-5 Request for Patent Clearance for Release of Contracted Research Documents (Formerly F2050.4) WORD   PDF
D1332.2 Summary Report WORD   PDF
D1332.3 Milestone Schedule Plan/Status Report WORD   PDF
D1332.4 Labor Plan WORD   PDF
D1332.7 Cost Plan WORD   PDF
D1332.8 Labor Management Report WORD   PDF
D1332.9 Cost Management Report WORD   PDF
ISR Individual Subcontracting Report   SRS  
SRS Summary Subcontracting Report   SRS  
Property Forms
580.1-7 Property Certificate WORD   PDF
F580.1-8 Annual Report of Property in the Custody of Contractors WORD   PDF
F580.1-19 Property Retirement Work Order Authorization WORD   PDF
F580.1-25 High Risk Personal Property Inventory WORD   PDF
SF1428 Inventory Disposal Schedule WORD   PDF
SF1429 Inventory Disposal Schedule - Continuation Sheet WORD   PDF
Invoicing/Payment Forms
SF1034 Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal WORD   PDF
SF3881 ACH Vendor Payment WORD   PDF
F4220.50 Statement of Cost WORD   PDF
Closeout Forms
D2050.11 Invention Certification     PDF
  Final Release WORD   PDF
  General Assignment WORD   PDF
  Cost Breakdown WORD   PDF
SF120 Report of Excess Personal Property WORD   PDF
SF120A Report of Excess Personal Property (Cont. Sheet) WORD   PDF