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PRENFLO™ is a pressurized (>40 bar), entrained-flow gasification technology first demonstrated in the late 1980s, and currently offered by Uhde (Krupp Koppers merged with Uhde in 1997). Notably, PRENFLO™ is the gasification technology used at the world's largest solid feedstock-based gasifier at ELCOGAS's Puertollano IGCC plant in Spain (which is fueled with a 50%/50% mix of petcoke and coal). PRENFLO™ is offered in two varieties, the PRENFLO™ PSG (with steam generation) depicted in Figures 1 & 2, and PRENFLO™ PDQ (direct quench) as depicted in Figures 3 & 4. The gasifier conditions and feed characteristics are similar, but PRENFLO™ PSG includes an integrated waste heat boiler and uses compressed recirculated quench gas as illustrated in Figure 2, resulting in relatively low moisture raw syngas at relatively high exit temperature. PRENFLO™ PDQ uses direct quench, resulting in considerably lower raw syngas exit temperature (200-250°C) which is saturated. Uhde notes that PDQ has lower investment cost and shorter construction and supply schedule than PSG, though this would be at the performance expense of somewhat lower thermal efficiency and slightly higher concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in raw syngas.

PRENFLO Gasifier/Boiler (PSG)
PRENFLO Gasifier/Boiler (PSG) Flow Diagram

Figure 1. PRENFLO™ Gasifier/Boiler (PSG) 
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  Figure 2. PRENFLO™ Gasifier/Boiler (PSG) Flow Diagram
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PRENFLO Gasifier/Direct Quench (PDQ)
PRENFLO Gasifier/Direct Quench (PDQ) Flow Diagram

Figure 3. PRENFLO™ Gasifier/Direct Quench (PDQ) (click to enlarge)

  Figure 4. PRENFLO™ Gasifier/Direct Quench (PDQ) Flow Diagram (click to enlarge)

Currently, several new implementations of PRENFLO™ gasification technology have been underway or are contemplated:

  • C.GEN is seeking consent to build a 470MW power station on the south bank of the Humber Estuary, near North Killingholme, North Lincolnshire, UK. Among options being considered is an IGCC plant using PRENFLO™ PDQ, which would allow use of a fuel mix of unconventional hard coal, petcoke, and biomass, and would enable CO2 capture as well as possible hydrogen production. Subject to planning and financing, the target date for the start of commercial operation is 2016-2017.
  • TransGas Coal to Liquids (CTL) projects include the 18,000 barrels/day Adams Fork Energy Project, as well as 2 duplicate projects in Kentucky, based on PRENFLO™ PDQ. Construction for all 3 projects commenced in May/June 2011.
  • ThyssenKrupp Uhde and SGC Energia are collaborating on multiple CTL projects applying PRENFLO™ PDQ and SGCE‘s Fischer-Tropsch process. An agreement is in place for a 9,500 barrels/day CTL Plant in Mozambique, which would convert high-ash coal to clean F-T fuels.

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