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Feasibility of Technologies to Produce Coal-Based Fuels with Equal or Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions than Petroleum Fuels, DOE-DoD Joint Report to Congress, December 2014.

Seven projects awarded; four funded by the Department of Defense, two funded by Coal and Coal-Biomass to Liquids, and one co-funded by both.

Department of Defense (DOD) Funding:

  1. Green-House-Gas-Reduced Coal-and-Biomass-to-Liquid-Based Jet Fuel (GHGR-CBTL) Process; FE0023663
  2. Technology for GHG Emission Reduction and Cost-Competitive Mil-Spec Jet Fuel Production Using CTL; FE0023863
  3. Direct Coal to Liquid for Jet Fuel Using Biomass Derived Solvents; FE0023963
  4. Indirect Liquefaction of Coal-Biomass Mixtures for Production of Jet Fuel with High Productivity and Selectivity; FE0024083

Coal and Coal-Biomass to Liquids (C&CBTL) Funding:

  1. Feasibility Study for Conversion of Wabash River Unit 1 - IGCC to a CTL Plant; FE0023551
  2. Design/Cost Study and Commercialization Analysis for Synthetic Jet Fuel Production at a Mississippi Site from Lignite and Woody Biomass with CO2 Capture and Storage via Enhance Oil Recovery; FE0023697

Co-funded by DOD and C&CBTL:

  1. Breakthrough Hybrid CTL Process Integrating Advanced Technologies for Coal Gasification, NG Partial Oxidation, Warm Syngas Cleanup and Syngas-to-Jet; FE0023592
Four total awards, two co-funded by Gasification.
  1. Small-Scale Coal-biomass to Liquids Production Using Highly Selective Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis; FE0010231
  2. Small-Scale Pilot Plant for the Gasification of Coal and Coal/Biomass Blends and Conversion of Derived Syngas to Liquid Fuels via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis; FE0010482