Non-Fossil Energy Research

Energy Project Management

The NETL Office of Energy Project Management (OEPM) provides quality technical, administrative and project management services to a variety of customers, primarily within DOE and other Federal agencies, on a full cost-recovery basis as part of NETL’s Work-For-Others initiatives.  The OEPM supports work-for-other activities within DOE and other governmental organizations who routinely seek NETL’s strong Federal project management knowledge base in energy and environmental technologies, and who seek to leverage NETL’s successful public-private partnerships in research, development and deployment (RD&D) programs.  Any support provided by OEPM is consistent with and/or complements Fossil Energy (FE) and DOE missions; implementation is done within existing Administration policies. 

OEPM primarily implements DOE Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) and DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) activities that are assigned to NETL.  This office works closely with senior managers at Headquarters to ensure that field implementation activities are done consistently, in accordance with the overall programmatic goals, and in a manner that effectively executes projects within the context of their mission. 

NETL works in cooperation with other organizations to firmly establish and operate within the OEPM as part of a dedicated field capability with the sole purpose of providing common comprehensive project management services (project, financial, legal, procurement).  The OEPM Director has overall responsibility to implement and manage all activities, and is supported by a Deputy Director, Division Directors, senior staff, and numerous project managers located in three implementation divisions, i.e., the Buildings & Efficiency Technologies Division, the Power & Vehicles Technologies Division, and the Energy Delivery Technologies Division.

Energy Delivery & Smart Grid

Strives to lead national efforts to modernize the electric grid, enhance security and reliability of the infrastructure, and facilitate recovery from disruptions to energy supply.

Energy Delivery Programs |  Smart Grid | Pittsburgh MOU

Power and Vehicles

The Power & Vehicle Technologies Division (PVTD) provides project management support for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s (EERE’s) Vehicle Technologies Office.

Vehicles Program

Buildings and Efficiency

The Buildings & Efficiency Technologies Division (BETD) provides project management support for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s (EERE’s) Buildings Technologies Office, Advanced Manufacturing Office and Federal Energy Management Program.

Building Programs