Power Plant Improvement Initiative (PPII)

The Power Plant Improvement Initiative (PPII) was established in October 2000 to further the commercial-scale demonstration of clean coal technologies at existing and new electric generating facilities.

The goals of PPII are geared toward demonstrating near-term advances in technologies to increase the efficiency, lower the emissions, and improve the economics and overall performance of coal-fired power plants and will build on the successes gained through the Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Program (CCTDP). Projects focus on more effective and lower cost emission controls and improving the byproduct utilization, performance, and reliability of power plants.

The status of the PPII projects is summarized as follows:

Total Projects:

A list of all projects selected in the program to date is provided below with a link to the project's information page. If a project was not completed and/or no documents are available, no information page is associated with the project.