Advanced Combustion Systems Completed Projects
Agreement Number Project Title Performer Key Technology
Projects Completed in FY2016
FE0024020 Manufacturing Process Development for Lower-Cost Heat Exchangers in High-Temperature/Pressure Applications Brayton Energy, LLC Enabling Technologies/Innovative Concepts
FE0024012 High Temperature Heat Exchanger Design and Fabrication with Large Pressure Differentials Thar Energy LLC Enabling Technologies/Innovative Concepts
Development of a Thin Film Primary Surface Heat Exchanger for Advanced Power Cycles
Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
Enabling Technologies/Innovative Concepts
Projects Completed in FY2015
NT43088 Recovery Act: Oxy-combustion: Oxygen Transport Membrane Development Praxair, Inc. Oxy-combustion
Projects Completed in FY2014
FE0009478 Optimization of Pressurized Oxy-Combustion with Flameless Reactor Unity Power Alliance, LLC Oxy-combustion
NT0005290 Recovery Act: Oxy-Combustion Technology Development for Industrial-Scale Boiler Applications Alstom Power, Inc Oxy-combustion
FE0009395 Demonstration of a Novel Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycle Utilizing Pressurized Oxy-combustion in Conjunction with Cryogenic Compression  Southwest Research Institute Oxy-combustion
FE0009469 Solid-Fueled Pressurized Chemical Looping with Flue-Gas Turbine Combined Cycle for Improved Plant Efficiency University of Kentucky Chemical Looping Combustion
NT0005015 Clean and Secure Energy from Coal
The University of Utah
Projects Completed in FY2013
FE0009686 High Efficiency Molten-Bed Oxy-Coal Combustion with Low Flue Gas Recirculation Gas Technology Institute Oxy-combustion
NT0005288 Characterization and Prediction of Oxy-combustion Impacts in Existing Coal-Fired Boilers Reaction Engineering International Oxy-combustion
NT0005289 Coal Direct Chemical Looping Retrofit for Pulverized Coal-Fired Power Plants with in situ CO2 Capture Ohio State University Research Foundation Chemical Looping Combustion
FE0002402 Investigation on Flame Characteristics and Burner Operability Issues of Oxy-fuel Combustion University of Texas at El Paso Oxy-combustion
FE0001808 Novel Oxygen Carriers for Coal-Fueled Chemical Looping Combustion Western Kentucky University Chemical Looping Combustion

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