In response to concerns of climate change, the United States is contemplating a complete and rapid transformation of the way it both produces and consumes energy to significantly reduce its carbon emissions. The integrated Coal Program focuses on retaining the benefits of continuing to use coal to produce electric power. This strategy can help us depend less on foreign sources of energy, respond to the world’s growing climate concerns, and compete economically. It also will ensure that our new natural gas resources will remain available as affordable sources of energy, enabling the return of key manufacturing industries and associated jobs.

advanced energy systems

Advanced Energy Systems Program

NETL's Advanced Energy Systems Office conceives, analyzes, and develops energy technologies that can minimize the environmental impact of fossil fuel use and optimize the use of our domestic energy resources and infrastructure.

Gasification Systems | Advanced CombustionCoal & Coal-Biomass to Liquids | Solid Oxide Fuel Cells | Turbines | sCO2 Technology

CO2 Capture

CO2 Capture

NETL's CO2 Capture Program is a cost-shared collaboration between government and industry to increase investment in clean industrial technologies and storage projects.

Pre-combustion | Post-combustion | Compression | CO2 Use and Reuse | CCSI2

CO2 Storage

CO2 Storage

NETL manages a portfolio of laboratory and field R&D focused on CO2 storage technologies that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate global climate change.

Core Storage R&D | Storage InfrastructureStrategic Program Support

Crosscutting research

Crosscutting Research Program

NETL manages crosscutting technology research programs to identify and execute research and development for sensing and advanced process control. This research helps ensure that key technologies will be available to meet the needs of future near-zero-emission power systems.

Sensors & Controls | Simulation-Based Engineering | High Performance Materials | Innovative Energy Concepts | Water Management R&D | University Training and Research


Major Demonstrations

For over 30 years, the DOE and NETL has co-funded large first-of-a-kind demonstrations of advanced coal technologies to prove their performance, environmental, and economic efficacy.


Rare Earth Elements

Rare Earth Elements

The development of an economically competitive domestic supply of REEs will help to maintain our nation’s economic growth and national security.

Resource Sampling and Characterization | Separation Technologies | REE Sensor Development | Process & System Modeling | Techno-Economic Analysis