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Gasification Systems

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The DOE Gasification Systems Program is developing small-scale revolutionary modular designs for converting diverse types of coal into clean synthesis gas to enable the low-cost production of electricity, high-value chemicals, hydrogen, transportation fuels, and other useful products to suit market needs. Advancements in this area will help enable advanced power generation and other syngas-based technologies to be competitive in both domestic and international markets, and spur on the use of abundant domestic coal resources, in turn contributing towards increased energy security and reviving depressed markets in traditional coal-producing regions of the United States.

Explore Key Technology Areas

The research and development efforts of the Gasification Systems Program apply primarily to four key technology areas, advances in which are calculated to best contribute towards increase efficiency and enable cost reductions of modular gasification/syngas-based systems. These four technology areas are: (1) Air Separation, (2) Reactor Design Engineering, (3) Market-Optimized Design, and (4) Systems Integration.

Air Seperation Icon
Air Separation

Research focuses on identification of new concepts and technologies for production of oxygen for use in gasification systems.

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Reactor Engineering Design

Research addresses control of chemical reactions in increasingly modular and intrinsically efficient reactors, allowing for smaller reactors and streamlined processes, with a focus on conversion of coal into syngas.

Market-Optimized Design
Market-Optimized Design

Research concerns designs and strategies for modular gasification-based energy conversion plants, which can be flexibly right-sized, configured and sited for local coal, waste coal and coal fines, and biomass blending for feedstock conversion to high-value marketable products.

Systems Integration
Systems Integration

Research focuses on increasing availability, reliability, efficiency, and flexibility of integrated gasification-based systems, which will result in improved overall performance and lowered costs.

The Gasification Systems Program pursues technology advancements in these areas through on-site work at NETL, and by external funding opportunities resulting in a suite of projects performed by industry, academia, and other National Laboratories, and overseen by NETL.

Gasification Basics
To better understand the basic concepts behind Gasification, watch this short video

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