On-site Research

As the lead laboratory for DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy, NETL relies on a strong onsite research program conducted by federal scientists and engineers working in partnership with academia, other research institutions, and the private sector. NETL’s Research and Innovation Center (RIC) provides the science and engineering basis for next generation technologies that will minimize the environmental impact of fossil fuel use and optimize the use of our domestic energy resources and infrastructure.

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RESEARCH PORTFOLIO: NETL’s onsite research portfolio contributes to the U.S. DOE’s goals for energy safety, affordability, and national energy security. In addition to the research performed on behalf of the Office of Fossil Energy, in-house researchers are leveraging core competencies to address other research issues of national importance.

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RESEARCH CAPABILITIES: NETL combines state-of-the-art research facilities with extensive experience working with fossil resources, creating an award-winning combination. NETL’s expert research staff collaborates with well-known research universities, other national laboratories, and industry stakeholders to address and solve barriers to commercialization of new technology for power systems, fuels, and environmental and waste management.

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RESEARCH INTERNSHIPS: NETL offers internships to members of the academic community from undergraduates through faculty. The goals are to inspire bright scientists and engineers to tackle challenges in energy research and to stimulate NETL's program with the new ideas, techniques, and approaches to problems that these highly motivated students and faculty bring to bear.