Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Program: Round 2

SOx-NOx-Rox Box™ Flue Gas Cleanup Demonstration Project - Project Brief [PDF-317KB]

The Babcock & Wilcox Co., Dilles Bottom, OH



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  • SO2 Emission Control with the SOx-NOx-Rox Box™ (Aug 1993)
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  • SOx-NOx-Rox Box™ Demonstration Project Review (Sept 1993)
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  • SOx-NOx-Rox Box™ (SNRB) Process Development and Demonstration (Oct 1992)
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  • SNRB - SO2, NOx, and Particulate Emissions Control with High Temperature Baghouse (Sept 1992)
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  • SNRB Catalytic Baghouse Laboratory Pilot Testing (Feb 1992)
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