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HT-L Gasifier

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is a large state-owned enterprise concentrating on industrial production primarily associated with the aerospace industry. The firm’s Aerospace Technology Applications Group has developed the HT-L gasifier, based on a pressurized, entrained, down-flow reactor, reported to be the result of the conversion and extension of aerospace engine technology.

The HT-L gasifier/gasification systems technical characteristics include:

  • Pressurized entrained-flow reactor processing pulverized coal
  • Wide adaptability to coal type
  • Use of a water membrane wall
  • Use of a quenching stage and ash water recycling
  • Equipment sets designed and manufactured domestically and key components further developed and employed in industrial applications
  • Lower investment and operating costs

The HT-L gasifier is offered commercially in a series of three coal feed capacities, i.e.:

  • Model 2800/3200 – 750 tons-per-day
  • Model 3200/3800 – 1,600 tons-per-day
  • Model 4000/4000 – 2,500 tons-per-day

Demonstration and Early Commercialization
Very little information is available on the physical and performance characteristics of the 25 HT-L gasifiers reported to exist at 15 sites within China. The projects have the capacity to consume a total of 24,000 tons coal/hour, to produce 4,300 kt/y ammonia, 500 kt/y methanol and 2,000 m3/yr methane.

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