Advanced Combustion

CO2 Capture for PC-Boiler Using Flue-Gas Recirculation: Evaluation of CO2 Capture/Utilization/Disposal Options
Argonne National Laboratory
Project Number: FWP49539

This Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) project will study the engineering aspects of retrofitting oxy-combustion to existing boilers, including the effect of impurities and options for carbon dioxide (CO2) transportation, use, and sequestration.  For example, if the flue gas can be recycled before sulfur dioxide (SO2) scrubbing, the SO2 scrubber can be reduced in size, and significant cost savings are possible.  Engineering studies are necessary because of the different physical properties of CO2 compared to nitrogen; these effects include changes in radiation and the temperature profile in the furnace.  The analysis will also help identify power plants that may be candidates for retrofit and consider the effects of different coals on CO2 capture, as well as on the accessibility of storage sites for permanent CO2 sequestration.

Schematic of an Oxy-Combustion Power Plant with Flue Gas Recirculation.
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