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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has an important role to play in economics, manufacturing, and energy production. Access to water will be needed to implement many of the strategies proposed to reduce our carbon footprint. The Water Working Group (WWG) explores how water is involved with carbon capture and storage, and how researchers, regulators, and industry representatives are working to form better understandings of the inter-relationships between water and CCS. The WWG also strives to provide guidance to these entities through its members’ experiences within the Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships Initiative.

Please explore the WWG links on the bottom of this page to learn more about the inter-relationships between water and CCS. Our various WWG publications and fact sheets can be viewed and downloaded via the links below.

WWG Publications

WWG Fact Sheet No. 2 - 2013
WWG Fact Sheet No. 3 - 2014
WWG Fact Sheet No. 4 - 2014
Factsheet 4

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