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Advanced Coal Processing Accomplishments



The 2019 Science & Technology Accomplishments are an outstanding selection of the noteworthy achievements our researchers are generating as we pursue our mission to discover, integrate and mature technology solutions to enhance the nation’s energy foundation and protect the environment for future generations. This interactive poster session held on February 20, 2020 celebrates NETL’s most recent scientific and engineering successes, highlighting more than 30 program and research accomplishments achieved in 2019 in support of key FE R&D Program Goals. The Advanced Coal Processing Program highlighted two accomplishments under FE R&D Program Pillar: Creating new jobs, products, and markets for coal.



Of the 37 notable 2018 science and technology (S&T) accomplishments celebrated by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in an interactive poster session on January 23, 2019, one highlights recent advancements in the research and development of advanced coal processing technologies.