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NETL-Supported Research Cruise Racks Up Methane Hydrate Data Successes
Image of NETL logoA recent interagency federal research cruise on the University of Delaware’s research vessel Hugh R. Sharp, which sailed along the Mid-Atlantic margin to characterize methane hydrate deposits, yielded 2,000 km of Multi-Channel Seismic (MCS) System data that confirmed previously detected methane hydrates and discovered new deposits. NETL supported the cruise.

Technology for Recovering Rare Earth Elements from Coal Ash Hits Key Target
Image of NETL logoIn a project managed and co-funded by DOE Fossil Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), an industry/academic research partnership has taken a significant step toward developing a pilot-scale test facility for creating a more effective way to harvest rare earth elements (REEs) from coal ash – a by-product of coal combustion, created when coal is burned to generate energy.

NETL Works to Locate Natural Gas Gathering Lines and Quantify Methane Emissions
Image of NETL logoAs NETL strives to develop technology solutions to the nation’s energy challenges, which includes improving the health, safety and security of all Americans, the Lab is working to locate and quantify methane leaks in the natural gas infrastructure.

Marcellus Shale Research Set at Second West Virginia Site
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Data from three years’ worth of research from the Marcellus Shale Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (MSEEL) – a research partnership funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) that involves West Virginia University (WVU) and Northeast Natural Energy (NNE) – will guide more extensive testing at a new well site near Blacksville, W.Va.


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News IconFederal research cruise provides new data on Atlantic methane hydrates (an NETL project) – 9/24/18

News IconMarcellus Shale research expands to second WV well (NETL funded project) – 9/24/18

News IconTechnology for recovering REEs from coal ash takes step forward (NETL-supported project) – World Coal 9/20/18

Director's Corner

Sean I. Plasynski, Ph.D.

 Photo of Sean I. Plasynski, Ph.D. Mark National Clean Energy Week with NETL

Today marks the beginning of National Clean Energy Week, a timely opportunity to recognize our robust portfolio of research aimed at promoting responsible stewardship of the environment.



The Maryland Clean Energy Center recently honored NETL’s work to advance emerging solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology with the 2018 Capital Partner of the Year Award. The Lab invested more than $5.7 million in three active projects with Redox Power Systems LLC – based in College Park, Maryland – that are focused on developing transformational SOFC technologies to provide clean, efficient, reliable and low-cost electricity. The award will be presented during a luncheon held Oct. 9 at The Hotel at the University of Maryland as part of the 2018 Maryland Clean Energy Summit.

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