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Utilization Procurement Grants (UPGrants)

As the U.S. economy moves toward clean energy and a lower carbon future, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is seeking to partner with states, local governments, and public utilities and agencies to support the procurement and use of commercial or industrial products derived from anthropogenic carbon oxides. These efforts are enabled by provisions included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Section 40302. As part of the BIL, DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) and NETL, through the Carbon Conversion Program, will establish a demonstration grant program for eligible entities to procure and use carbon conversion products. The full funding opportunity announcement can be found here

Eligible Entities




Local Governments


Public Utilities/Agencies

Eligible entities are defined as states, units of local governments, or public utilities and agencies. Eligible entities can learn more about the Utilization Procurement Grants (UPGrants) Program by visiting the Eligible Entities information page. Additional supporting information can be found by visiting the UPGrants Resources page.

Manufacturers (Vendors)

The commercial or industrial products to be procured and used under these grants will need to demonstrate significant net reductions in life cycle greenhouse gas emissions compared to incumbent technologies, processes, and products. These commercial or industrial products will be provided by carbon conversion product manufacturers who have satisfactorily completed a critical review (performed by DOE) of their product’s life cycle analysis (LCA), thereby warranting inclusion on the UPGrants Vendors list. Being a current or prior award recipient under FECM’s Carbon Conversion Program is not a pre-requisite for consideration as a vendor; any producer of a commercial or industrial carbon conversion product may submit an LCA for critical review.

LCA LogoManufacturers who want to participate are required to submit their carbon conversion product LCA to DOE/NETL through the portal provided below. The DOE/NETL LCA team will critically review the LCA to verify that the manufacturer’s product demonstrated a significant net reduction (initially a minimum of 10% compared to the NETL provided baseline) of life cycle GHG emissions compared to incumbent products. Each manufacturer can only provide one submission for each product and may only have one product active on the UPGrants Vendors list at a time. Manufacturers may resubmit if the LCA fails critical review.

Manufacturers are required to prepare their LCA using the NETL UPGrants LCA Guidance Toolkit which provides requirements, instructions, tools, and templates for LCA development.

Manufacturers can learn more about the UPGrants Program by visiting the Manufacturers information page. Additional supporting information can be found by visiting the UPGrants Resources page.