Benefits of Integrating Aerojet Rocketdyne and RTI Advanced Gasification Technologies for Hydrogen-Rich Syngas Production Email Page
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Performer:  Research Triangle Institute (RTI) Location:  Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Project Duration:  10/01/2013 – 09/30/2016 Award Number:  FE0012066
Technology Area:  Gasification Systems Total Award Value:  $1,498,379
Key Technology:  Novel Technologies to Advance Conventional Gasification DOE Share:  $1,198,703
Performer Share:  $299,676

Project Description

The objective of this Research Triangle Institute (RTI) project is to reduce the cost of coal gasification by reducing plant fuel, operating, and capital costs and increasing overall plant efficiency. The fundamental challenge to gasification for power generation and coal-to-liquids production is to achieve an overall syngas conversion process and production costs that are competitive with other conversion technologies and alternative feedstocks such as natural gas. Previous studies by the U.S, Department of Energy (DOE) and others have indicated that this challenge cannot be addressed by improving only one step in the overall gasification process. Researchers will assess the potential for substantially reducing the production cost of hydrogen (H2)-rich syngas via gasification with near-zero emissions due to the cumulative, synergistic improvements achieved when multiple advanced technologies are incorporated into the overall conversion process.

Project Benefits

RTI will assess the potential for integration of advanced technologies to substantially reduce capital and production costs for hydrogen-rich syngas with near-zero emissions from coal gasification for power production with carbon capture and for coal-to-liquids (specifically methanol) with carbon capture. Specifically, integrated technologies considered in the analysis will include those already tested successfully at pilot-scale – Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne gasifier (including advances in dry solids feed systems) and RTI warm gas cleanup -- with a new and innovative water-gas-shift technology, to show how multiple advanced technologies will leverage each other for significant cost and efficiency gains.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager K David Lyons:
Technology Manager K David Lyons:
Principal Investigator Brian Turk: