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Performer:  Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Location:  Newport, Rhode Island
Project Duration:  10/01/2012 – 03/31/2014 Award Number:  FE0005652
Technology Area:  Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Total Award Value:  $149,858
Key Technology:  Pressurized Systems DOE Share:  $149,858
Performer Share:  $0

Fifty-inch Inside Diameter Vessel for Pressurized<br/>SOFC Stack and System Demonstrations
Fifty-inch Inside Diameter Vessel for Pressurized
SOFC Stack and System Demonstrations

Project Description

The Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) will acquire and install solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stacks being developed in the DOE’s Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA) program to explore pure oxygen and elevated pressure operation up to 3 atmospheres. The Navy is developing SOFC-based power sources for unmanned undersea vehicles (UUVs) intended to operate in an air-independent environment. It will also provide data to support the work being done by SECA Industry teams.

Project Benefits

This project focuses on the performance of anode-supported planar solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) operating under pressurized conditions in an air-independent environment, consistent with UUV application. Pressurized operation is significant benefit for the UUV application, improving system efficiency and reducing system size. More broadly, data from pressurized SOFC operation will, beyond validating performance benefits, give insights into possible research and development necessary for eventual pressurized SOFC deployment in large, stationary power applications.

Presentations, Papers, and Publications

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Travis Shultz: travis.shultz@netl.doe.gov
Technology Manager Shailesh Vora: shailesh.vora@netl.doe.gov
Principal Investigator A. Alan Burke: adrian.burke@navy.mil