On-Site Research Portfolio
Coal Plant

Coal Research

In response to concerns of climate change, the United States is contemplating a complete and rapid transformation of the way it both produces and consumes energy to significantly reduce its carbon emissions. The onsite research activities focus on retaining the benefits of continuing to use coal to produce electric power. This strategy can help us depend less on foreign sources of energy, respond to the world’s growing climate concerns, and compete economically. It also will ensure that our new natural gas resources will remain available as affordable sources of energy, enabling the return of key manufacturing industries and associated jobs.

Advanced Combustion | Advanced GasificationCarbon Capture |  Carbon Storage |  Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative |  Fuels | Fuel CellsNational Risk Assessment Partnership |  Innovative Process Technologies | Industrial Carbon Management Initiative | Turbine Thermal Management

Shale Drilling

Oil & Gas Research

Efficient recovery of our nation’s fossil fuel resources in an environmentally safe manner requires the development and application of new technologies that address the unique nature and challenging locations of many of our remaining oil and natural gas accumulations. Onsite research projects are designed to help catalyze the development of these new technologies, provide objective data to help quantify the environmental and safety risks of oil and gas development, and characterize emerging energy resources like methane hydrates.

Unconventional Resources |  Offshore Resources


Other Research

In addition to the research performed on behalf of the Office of Fossil Energy, in-house researchers are leveraging core competencies and capabilities created in support of DOE’s fossil energy mission to discover, develop, and deploy the technologies needed to ensure the nation’s energy security, and provide for regional and national economic growth.