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CD Image Title: Naturally Fracture Reservoir Simulator: FRACGEN & NFFLOW
Info: The DOE sponsored a project to simulate the behavior of tight, fractured, strata-bound reservoirs that arise from irregular, discontinuous, or clustered networks of fractures. FORTRAN codes were developed to generate fracture networks, to simulate reservoir drainage/recharge, and to plot the fracture networks and reservoir pressures.

CD Image Title: 2010 Carbon Sequestration Atlas of the United States and Canada
Info: The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is proud to release the third edition of the Carbon Sequestration Atlas of the United States and Canada (Atlas III). Production of Atlas III is the result of collaboration among carbon storage experts from local, State, and Federal agencies, as well as industry and academia. Atlas III provides a coordinated update of carbon capture and storage (CCS) potential across most of the United States and portions of Canada.
Date: 11/30/2010    PDF Size: 37.5MB            

CD Image Title: Major Oil Plays in Utah and Vicinity
Info: A portfolio of oil plays in Utah, as well as neighboring Colorado and Wyoming, compiled by the Utah Geologic Survey with funding from NETL. The portfolio contains comprehensive maps that provide data useful to organizations involved in petroleum exploration and production. The data includes geologic settings, outcrop analogs, land-use issues, and best-development practices for each oil-producing area within the three states.
Date: 5/1/2009    PDF Size: 66.7MB   ZIP Size: 91.8MB         

CD Image Title: Focused Oil Technology Programs Archive, Version 1.0
Info: The Focused Oil Technology Programs archive includes the Native American Program, Independent Producers Program, PUMP Program, PRIME Program, and Technology Transfer Program.
Date: 3/1/2009    ZIP Size: 1.69GB            

CD Image Title: Oil Program Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Archive, Program Results from the Mid 70's to 2009, Version 2.0
Info: The 2009 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Program Archive is part of U.S. DOE Fossil Energy technology transfer effort to make previous DOE funded RD&D more accessible. EOR in this context also includes technologies often referred to as Improved Oil Recovery (IOR). This disk contains 1,800 EOR reports from more than 30 years of RD&D funded by DOE and its predecessors.
Date: 2/1/2009    ZIP(Disk 1) Size: 3.79GB   ZIP(Disk 2) Size: 2.59GB         

CD Image Title: Reservoir Characterization and Basin Analysis Project Archive, Version 1.0
Info: Version 1.0 of U.S. DOE’s “Reservoir Characterization and Basin Analysis Project Archive” contains results from a broad program and related RD&D areas that DOE and its predecessor organizations (Bureau of Mines, ERDA) have funded for over 35 years. In April 2008, the DVD, DOE/NETL-2008/1325, entitled "Reservoir Depositional Classification CLASS Program 1990-2008" - Collection of Historical Documentation, was published. The CLASS Program was a specifically funded program targeted to better define reservoirs for improved oil recovery.
Date: 1/11/2009    ZIP(Disk 1) Size: 3.79GB   ZIP(Disk 2) Size: 2.59GB         

CD Image Title: Advanced Diagnostics and Imaging Systems (ADIS) and Drilling, Completion and Stimulation (DCS) Project Archive, Version 1.0
Info: An archive of research by the DOE’s NETL and DOE’s National Institute for Petroleum Energy Research that focuses on seismic and advanced imaging technologies for oil and gas exploration; and application of improved technologies for drilling, well completion and well stimulation to increase ultimate recovery of oil and gas. Reducing the footprint of exploration and production represents a significant goal of new technologies.
Date: 9/1/2008    ZIP Size: 2.55GB            

CD Image Title: Environmental Program Archive - Program Results from 1991 - 2008, Version 1.0
Info: Since 1996, the DOE has funded around 400 projects encompassing a variety of environmental research technologies. In July 2008, 49 projects were overseen by the Oil and Gas Environmental Solutions Program. Of these, 16 are active and the remaining 33 have completed the research and are in varying stages of final report submission before final close out.
Date: 9/1/2008    ZIP Size: 3.03GB            

CD Image Title: Carbon Dioxide Flooding Project Archive 1960's - 2008, Version 1.0
Info: An archive that captures the broad range of CO2 research conducted by the DOE’s NETL and DOE’s National Institute for Petroleum Energy Research including: field demonstration, laboratory studies of mobility and conformance, simulation, and predictive modeling.
Date: 9/1/2008    ZIP Size: 2.26GB            

CD Image Title: Reservoir Depositional Classification CLASS Program 1980-2008: Collection of Historical Documentation
Info: An archive focusing on the results of the Reservoir Class Field Demonstration program, initiated in FY92 in response to the rapidly declining domestic production and the realization that huge volumes of oil were being abandoned in reservoirs because of uneconomic production techniques.
Date: 4/1/2008    ZIP Size: 2.45GB            

CD Image Title: Cost of Performance Baseline for Fossil Energy Plants, Volume 1
Info: The goal of Fossil Energy (FE) research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) is to ensure the availability of ultra-clean, abundant, low-cost, domestic electricity to fuel economic prosperity and strengthen energy security.
Date: 5/1/2007    ZIP Size: 43.5MB            

CD Image Title: Recent DOE Research Targeting Deep Gas Resources
Info: This disk includes multiple projects relating to deep gas resources identifying locations, targeted reservoirs, and operators of wells with true vertical depths (TVD’s) greater than 15,000 feet deep in the U.S. drilled from 2000 - 2007. These wells are categorized by completion method and representative type wells were determined.
Date: 4/1/2007    ZIP Size: 4.92MB            

CD Image Title: Seismic Imaging Reservoir Characterization and Basin Analysis
Info: The NETL implemented natural gas and oil research and development programs with the intent of increasing domestic oil production in order to reduce U.S. reliance on oil imports. This disk includes programs from the 1980’s through 2006. The technology focus areas are for resource finding and recovery, access technologies, oil production, and technology transfer.
Date: 3/1/2007    ZIP Size: 500MB            

CD Image Title: Coalbed Natural Gas
Info: With the rapid increase in Coal Bed Natural Gas (CBNG) development during the second half of the 1990’s there was an increasing concern from operators and government land managers over how to properly address the many issues, especially environmental issues, that are unique and singular to this development. This disk archives results of this research on onshore and offshore produced water from coal bed methane gas. Produced water is the largest volume byproduct or waste stream associate with oil and gas production.
Date: 3/1/2007    ZIP Size: 144MB            

CD Image Title: Natural Gas Program Archive
Info: Two disks archiving important results of research and development of DOE’s Unconventional Gas Research (UGR) Programs 1976-1995, which played a vital role in helping to meet the nation's growing demand for natural gas. Disk 1 contains information relating to eastern U.S. gas shales and general UGR. Disk 2 contains western U.S. gas sands, secondary gas recovery, methane hydrates, methane recovery from coalbeds, deep source gas, and general UGR.
Date: 1/31/2007    PDF(Disk 1) Size: 109KB   PDF(Disk 2) Size: 109KB   ZIP(Disk 1) Size: 3.66GB   ZIP(Disk 2) Size: 3.51GB   

CD Image Title: Oil and Gas Industry Software - Analytical Models, Databases, Documentation, Numerical Simulators
Info: This disk includes analytical models, databases, documentation, and numerical simulators supporting the oil and gas industry. Documents include: Intelligent Computing System for Reservoir Analysis and Risk Assessment of the Red River Formation, Miscible Applied Simulation Techniques for Energy Recovery, and a Codebook for ADP cards of Crude Oil Analysis.
Date: 8/1/2006    ZIP Size: 138MB            

CD Image Title: Wilmington Oil Field, Long Beach, California
Info: The Wilmington Oil Field produced about 14-15 million bbl/year from more than 1,200 wells in 2004-2005 and currently produces about 40,000 bbl/day of oil, 10 million cubic feet per day of natural gas, and about 35 million bbl/month of water at a 95 percent watercut.
Date: 8/1/2006    ZIP Size: 23.6MB            

CD Image Title: Heavy Oil Publications
Info: This disk contains selected DOE reports and analysis on resource and recovery technologies for U.S. heavy oil. The reports cover DOE-funded heavy oil R&D involving laboratory work, numerical simulator development, and various thermal and non-thermal field tests of heavy oil recovery processes of more than 500 of the largest heavy oil reservoirs (a subset of 1,025 analyzed) and publications on heavy oil resources in selected basins.
Date: 8/1/2006    ZIP Size: 193MB            

CD Image Title: A Geologic Playbook for Trenton Black River Appalachian Basin Exploration
Info: This project developed an integrated resource assessment model of the Trenton-Black River reservoirs in New York, Ohio and West Virginia. The effort addressed the increased development of the gas resources from the Trenton-Black River reservoirs and facilitated increased exploration and higher success rates in this emerging play. The final product of this project is a detailed and multi-disciplinary play book.
Date: 7/1/2006    PDF Size: 112MB   ZIP Size: 950MB         

CD Image Title: USGS Hydrates Final Technical Report to the Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory: September 8, 1997-April 30, 2005
Info: This final report covers the period from September 8, 1997 to April 30, 2005 and summarizes the larger research accomplishments, which can be divided in field and laboratory experiments. The geophysical and sampling field programs include 5 experiments conducted between 1998 and 2003 in the Gulf of Mexico (four cruises) and on the Blake Ridge (one cruise).
Date: 5/1/2006    PDF Size: 247KB   ZIP Size: 782MB         

CD Image Title: DOE Funded Improved Oil Recovery Project Presented at the 15th SPE/DOE IOR Symposium 22-26 April 2006
Info: This disk contains DOE Funded Improved Oil Recovery Project presented at the 15th SPE/DOE IOR Symposium April 22-26, 2006. The project include reports, detailed project summaries, and background information.
Date: 4/22/2006    ZIP Size: 71.5MB            

CD Image Title: Identifying and Remediating High-Water Production Problems in Basin-Centered Formations
Info: A large database of historical produced water analyses, supplemented with a targeted sampling program, assembled and interpreted to address the production of excessive water in basin-centered tight formation gas fields of the Greater Green and Wind River Basins, Wyoming. This disk includes a GIS-based digital atlas showing the distribution of the data.
Date: 12/1/2005    PDF Size: 7.44MB   ZIP Size: 953MB         

CD Image Title: North Hill Creek/3-D Seismic Exploration Project, Ute Indian Tribe, Uintah & Ouray Reservation, Uintah County, Utah – 4 disk set
Info: A four-disk set of North Hill Creek 3-D Seismic Exploration for the Ute Indian Tribe, Uintah & Ouray Reservation, Uintah County, Utah. Disks 1 & 2 include the Final Migration with TVSW and Trace Balance with Cutouts. Disk 3 includes Raw DMO Stack with cutouts. Disk 4 includes Seismic Survey, Maps, and Western Geco.
Date: 5/1/2005    ZIP Size: 543MB            

CD Image Title: Stratigraphic Framework, Structure, and Thermal Maturity of Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Rocks in Relation to Hydrocarbon Potential, Crazy Mountains Basin, Montana
Info: This report is part of a series of studies by the U.S. Geological Survey, sponsored by the U.S. DOE NETL to identify and evaluate "unconventional" basin-centered gas accumulations found in the deep areas of many Rocky Mountain basins. Crazy Mountains Basin in Montana was investigated for basin-centered gas accumulations.
Date: 3/1/2005    PDF Size: 7.58MB   ZIP Size: 158MB         

CD Image Title: Play Analysis and Digital Portfolio of Major Oil Reservoirs in the Permian Basin, Analysis of 1,339 Reservoirs
Info: The Permian Basin of west Texas and southeast New Mexico reservoirs are the focus of this report. Thirty-two Permian Basin oil plays were defined, and each of the 1,339 significant-sized reservoirs was assigned to a play. This report contains a summary description of each play, including key reservoir characteristics and successful reservoir management practices that have been used in the play, the GIS project, pdf maps of all plays, and digital data files.
Date: 12/1/2004    PDF Size: 27MB   ZIP Size: 63.2MB         

CD Image Title: Microhole Technology
Info: Under the microhole initiative, the DOE pursued a major research program in the area of drilling and using smaller diameter wells less than two inches. The cost to drill these wells will be significantly less and the associated waste with such wells will be much less than conventional well drilling.
Date: 9/1/2004    ZIP Size: 32.2MB            

CD Image Title: Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) Field Demonstration, Class I, II, III & Revisit
Info: The Field Demonstration Program was initiated in FY92 in response to rapidly declining domestic production and the realization that huge volumes of oil are being abandoned in reservoirs because of uneconomic production techniques. This program is just one of the critical elements of the oil program necessary to move IOR technology from the conceptual stage through research, pilot scale field experiments, and full-scale field demonstrations to industry acceptance and commercialization.
Date: 9/1/2004    ZIP Size: 336MB            

CD Image Title: Natural Gas Resources of the Uinta Basin, Utah, and the Deep Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma and Texas - NETL's Phase II Data
Info: This is the follow-up disk to the Phase I release of the Greater Green River and Wind River Basin Assessments. Phase II includes an assessment of marginal, sub-economic, and unappraised resources to support DOE's natural gas program planning. This disk includes maps, cross-sections, histograms, and poster presentations.
Date: 8/1/2004    PDF Size: 524KB   ZIP Size: 303MB         

CD Image Title: Meeting Future Demands for Natural Gas in South Central Alaska
Info: The south-central Alaska Natural Gas Study is a geologic, engineering, and economic assessment of the options to meet the intermediate- and long-term natural gas demand for the region. An abundant supply of low-cost natural gas from the Cook Inlet Basin was discovered more than 30 years ago as a by-product of oil exploration. This low cost gas has supplied all of south-central Alaska’s residential, commercial, and industrial demand including manufacture and export of large quantities of fertilizer and liquefied natural gas (LNG) since the late 1960’s.
Date: 6/1/2004    PDF Size: 3.67MB   ZIP Size: 8.71MB         

CD Image Title: Natural Gas Resources of the Greater Green River and Wind River Basins of Wyoming - NETL's Phase I Final Report
Info: These basins contain the vast majority of the total low-permeability sandstone resource for the Rocky Mountain region. This disk contains detailed descriptions of project methodology and results, and detailed maps and cross-sections that depict the regional geology of key gas-bearing formations.
Date: 2/1/2003    PDF Size: 976KB   ZIP Size: 200MB         

CD Image Title: Natural Gas Infrastructure Reliability Forums
Info: The Strategic Center for Natural Gas (SCNG) conducted a series of five industry forums on natural gas infrastructure reliability on September 16 and 17, 2002, in Morgantown, West Virginia. The objective of the Natural Gas Infrastructure Reliability Program is to encourage, promote and support research and development efforts that result in the development of technology or methodology that will maintain or enhance the integrity, operational reliability and security of the Nation’s transmission and distribution pipeline network. This disk contains the proceedings of the forums as well as the presentations from a poster session.
Date: 9/16/2002    PDF Size: 871KB   ZIP Size: 95MB         

CD Image Title: Rome Trough Consortium
Info: This disk contains data from a multi-year study of the pre-Knox stratigraphic interval in the Rome Trough, a graben that contains a thickened section of the Rome and Conasauga Formations. The Rome Trough Consortium, a partnership consisting of the DOE, three state geological surveys and five Appalachian Basin energy companies, was formed to carry out this study.
Date: 8/1/2002    ZIP Size: 162MB            

CD Image Title: Greater Green River Basin Production Improvement Project
Info: The Greater Green River Basin (GGRB) of southwestern Wyoming may contain as much as 5,000 trillion cubic feet of gas trapped within unconventional, overpressured, very tight, basin-centered gas reservoirs. This disk contains the results of the successful multi-year partnership between Union Pacific Resources and NETL. The purpose of the project was to reduce the technical risks and the economic uncertainty of industry development of the GGRB low-permeability (tight) gas resource.
Date: 7/1/2002    ZIP Size: 610MB            

CD Image Title: Proceedings of the Methane Hydrates Interagency R&D Conference
Info: This collaborative conference was sponsored by the DOE Office of Fossil Energy (FE) and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Mineral’s Management Service (MMS), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and National Science Foundation (NSF). The purpose of the conference was to present the results of and future plans for methane hydrate research by each of the agencies.
Date: 3/20/2002    PDF Size: 407KB   ZIP Size: 433MB         

CD Image Title: Deep Trek Workshop Proceedings
Info: The Deep Trek Workshop was sponsored by the DOE's NETL in cooperation with Sandia National Laboratory. The proceedings on this disk include presentations made during the workshop, breakout session results, and a list of workshop participants. In total, there were over 95 participants from more than 50 organizations, representing various stakeholder groups.
Date: 3/20/2001    PDF Size: 451KB   ZIP Size: 55.1MB         

CD Image Title: Russian Drilling Technology Studies
Info: This disk contains a compilation of final reports that summarize advanced drilling research and development performed in Russia during the 20th century. Documents include: Implement Russian Aluminum Drill Pipe and Retractable Drilling Bits into the USA, Volume I: Development of the Aluminum Drill Pipe in Russia; Implement Russian Aluminum Drill Pipe and Retractable Drilling Bits into the USA, Volume II: Development of Retractable Drill Bits in Russia; Former-USSR R&D on Novel Drilling Techniques; and Former-USSR R&D on Advanced Downhole Drilling Motors.
Date: 9/8/2000    ZIP Size: 70.1MB            

CD Image Title: Proceedings of the Gulf of Mexico Hydrates R&D Planning Workshop
Info: The NETL and Chevron Petroleum Technology Company hosted the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) Hydrates Research and Development (R&D) Planning Workshop August 9-10, 2000 in Houston, Texas. The purpose was to gather stakeholder input on the opportunities and challenges for hydrate R&D needs in the GOM, including drilling safely, seafloor stability, resource characterization, and production technology.
Date: 8/9/2000    PDF Size: 72KB   ZIP Size: 65.3MB         

CD Image Title: New and Novel Fracture Stimulation Technologies for the Revitalization of Existing Gas Storage Wells - Final Report
Info: Several new and novel fracture stimulation technologies were tested in gas storage fields across the U.S. as part of a joint U.S. DOE and Gas Research Institute R&D program. These new technologies include tip-screenout fracturing, hydraulic fracturing with liquid CO2 and proppant, extreme overbalance fracturing, and high-energy gas fracturing. Each of these technologies in some way address concerns with fracturing on the part of gas storage operators, such as fracture height growth, high permeability formations, and fluid sensitivity.
Date: 5/1/2000    PDF Size: 813KB   ZIP Size: 60.2MB         

CD Image Title: Advanced Gas Storage Concepts: Technologies for the Future
Info: The DOE began the Advanced Gas Storage Concepts program area to help meet the projected demand on the natural gas industry by U.S. end-use markets through the year 2020. The final reports for four advanced natural gas storage projects are included on this disk: Refrigerated-Mined Cavern Storage, Commercial Potential of Natural Gas Storage in Lined Rock Caverns, Advanced Design Criterion to Improve the Working Gas Capacity of Natural Gas Storage Caverns in Salt Deposits, and Natural Gas Hydrates Storage.
Date: 2/1/2000    ZIP Size: 74.7MB            

CD Image Title: Environmental Benefits of Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Technology
Info: Throughout the oil and gas life cycle, the industry has applied an array of advanced technologies to improve efficiency, productivity, and environmental performance. This disk focuses specifically on advances in exploration and production (E&P) operations.
Date: 10/1/1999    PDF Size: 22.2MB   ZIP Size: 24.1MB         

CD Image Title: GASIS Gas Information System
Info: GASIS (Gas Information System) is a national database of geological, engineering, production, and ultimate recovery data for U.S. oil and gas reservoirs. Release 2 of the GASIS Reservoir Data System is a database of 19,220 reservoir records containing 185 data fields. This database is designed to be used as input for modeling, forecasting, and as a stand-alone database.
Date: 6/1/1999    ZIP Size: 91.4MB            

CD Image Title: Detection and Analysis of Naturally Fractured Gas Reservoirs
Info: This disk contains the results of six studies seeking to identify new technologies to locate and produce gas from naturally fractured, low-permeability reservoirs. A summary and synthesis document provides tutorials on the geological occurrence of fractures and the methods used in the investigations. The detailed final reports were provided by individual contractors.
Date: 10/1/1998    ZIP Size: 417MB            

CD Image Title: Advanced Underground Gas Storage Concepts: Refrigerated-Mined Cavern Storage
Info: The DOE began the Advanced Gas Storage Concepts program area to help meet the projected demand on the natural gas industry by end-use markets of the U.S. through the year 2010. RD&D efforts in this program area are designed to develop and demonstrate the commercialization potential of innovative natural gas storage concepts through feasibility studies, conceptual designs, and cost analyses.
Date: 9/1/1998    PDF Size: 4.13MB   ZIP Size: 94.2MB         

CD Image Title: Proceedings of the 1999 Oil & Gas Conference
Info: The 1999 Oil & Gas Conference was cosponsored by the DOE, Office of Fossil Energy, Federal Energy Technology Center (FETC) and National Petroleum Technology Office (NPTO) on June 28 to 30 in Dallas, Texas. The Oil & Gas Conference theme, Technology Options for Producer Survival, reflects the need for development and implementation of new technologies to ensure an affordable, reliable energy future.
Date: 6/28/1998    PDF Size: 558KB   ZIP Size: 188MB         

CD Image Title: Natural Gas Conference Proceedings
Info: The 1997 Natural Gas Conference was sponsored and hosted by the Federal Energy Technology Center. The theme of this conference was Emerging Technologies for the Natural Gas Industry. Topics included gas reserves, low permeability reservoirs, natural gas processing/gas-to-liquids, and upgrading, natural gas storage, drilling/completion technologies, environmental applications for the petroleum industry, 2-D/3-D seismic applications, and the Natural Gas Atlas series.
Date: 3/24/1997    PDF Size: 172KB   ZIP Size: 132MB