1. CO2 Prophet: Water and CO2 Flood Prediction Software. CO2 Prophet, conceived by Texaco Exploration and Production Technology Department (EPTD), was partially developed as part of the DOE Class I cost share program "Post Waterflood, CO2 Flood in a Light Oil, Fluvial Dominated Deltaic Reservoir" under DOE Contract No. DE-FC22-93BC14960. Windows XP compatiable version has been updated, see historical READ ME FIRST file and READ ME SECOND file before operation. The DOE does not provide technical support for this application.

    Download 973 KB User's Manual and Readme files included
  2. Fuzzy Expert Exploration Tool (Fee):  Incomplete or sparse information on types of data such as geologic or formation characteristics introduces a high level of risk for oil exploration and development projects. "Expert" systems developed and used in several disciplines and industries have demonstrated beneficial results. A state-of-the-art exploration "expert" tool, relying on a computerized database and computer maps generated by neural networks, is being developed through the use of "fuzzy" logic, a relatively new mathematical treatment of imprecise or non-explicit parameters and values. Oil prospecting risk can be reduced with the use of a properly developed and validated "Fuzzy Expert Exploration (FEE) Tool."  The Fuzzy Expert Exploration Tool will eventually be generalized so that users in any part of the world will be able to add their own knowledge and data and make rapid evaluations of a large number of potential drilling sites in a systematic and consistent manner via the internet. Below are links to install standalone systems for the Delaware Basin specific FEE Tool and the Devonian specific FEE Tool.  More information can also be found at:  http://ford.nmt.edu

    Download Install Delaware Fee Tool 

    Download Install Devonian Fee Tool

    Manual  6 MB Program Presentation in PDF

  3. FRAC-EXPLORE Version 2: FRAC-EXPLORE analyzes the characteristics and patterns of subsurface lineaments, fractures, and other geological features for the purpose of identifying the locations of potential subsurface oil and gas reservoirs. Developed at National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research (NIPER) by BDM-Oklahoma, Inc. Min Req.: Windows 95 or NT 3.51, 6 MB hard disk space, 8 MB RAM, VGA color monitor configured to at least 800x600 resolution, and an 80486 processor.

    Download 3.0 MB 3.0 MB

    Manual 1.7 MB

  4. Intelligent Computing System (ICS):  The Intelligent Computing System (ICS) is a set of oil exploration software tools for reservoir characterization from 3D seismic data and conventional well information.   Features include: Fast reservoir characterization from seismic data, Applicable for any reservoir setting that yields seismic attribute variation (ie: amplitude, frequency, etc.) with reservoir changes of porosity, thickness and fluid saturation, Transform multiple seismic attributes to reservoir attributes such as thickness and porosity by clustering, neural net and classical regression methods, Quickly identify seismic attributes with greatest correlation to identified reservoir properties, Compute structural and stratigraphic entrapment potential, Predict production potential and water-cut from reservoir characterization and entrapment, Combine multiple output for neural net, fuzzy logic or subjectives ranking, Quality maps of results, Output numerical results to ASCII files, Import ASCII output readily into spreadsheet and mapping software, Modular approach to problem solving and reservoir correlation.

    Download 7.4 MB Compiled Executables and DLL Library 

    Manual 5.2 MB  Guide and Tutorial in PDF

    Manual 10.9 MB  November 15, 2000 Workshop Notes and Example Files

  5. Risk Analysis and Decision Making Software:
  6. Monte Carlo Simulation Software:  A Monte Carlo simulation is used to solve certain stochastic (involving a random variable) problems where the passage of time plays no substantive role. It is widely used to solve certain statistical problems that are not analytically tractable. The simulation requires that a mathematical relationship (model) be established between the event outcome (expectation) and influence factors (input variables).
    Monte Carlo Risk Analysis is the "method of choice" for mathematical modeling where:

    •  The Input Data has Uncertainties;
    •  The "answer", or Output, must accurately represent the Input Data;
    •  The calculated uncertainty in the "answer", or Output, must accurately reflect the Uncertainty in the Input data; and
    •  The calculated uncertainty in the "answer", or Output, must be an accurate measure of the validity of the model.

    The application is a 32-bit MS Windows application.  It contains a help system with an example and background information on Monte Carlo Simulations.

    Download - 4.3 MB

    Neuro3 - Neural Network Software:  Neural networks are systems that are constructed to use some organizational principles resembling those of the human brain. They are information-processing systems that demonstrate the ability to learn, recall, and generalize from training patterns or data. They are good at tasks such as pattern matching and classification, data clustering, and forecasting. Common oil and gas applications include forecasting of reservoir properties from wireline log signatures, extension of reservoir properties for simulation, and seismic interpretation.  While this application was written for the oil and gas community, it is generic enough to apply to any problem for data-mining, correlation, or categorization needs.

    The application is a 32-bit MS Windows application.  It contains an extensive help system with a tutorial and background information on neural networks.  The application also has a spreadsheet interface to allow import and export of external data sets.

    Download - 2.7 MB

    TREE2000 - Decision Tree Software:  Decision tree software embodies a highly customizable tool for risk management and informed decision making.  Variables such as price, production, and operating costs contain unknowns that must be accounted for when looking at the value of a given decision or project.  Decision tree software allows you to apply all the information you have on various unknowns and give you the 'big picture' of the situation, showing how that information affects your future and current choices.  This assistance will illustrate possible outcomes of decisions and better inform you of where to invest effort in reducing uncertainties.

    The application is a 32-bit MS Windows application.  It contains a help system with an example and background information on decision tree construction.

    Download - 1.7 MB

  7. SWARM - Stripper Well Model:  Zip file contains the model (an Excel spreadsheet), an Access data base file, and the users guide
  8. Download Zip file also contains users guide