E&P Focus Newsletter

The oil and gas exploration and production R&D newsletter, E&P Focus, is a publication highlighting the latest developments in R&D being carried out by NETL. E&P Focus promotes the widespread dissemination of research results among all types of oil and gas industry stakeholders: producers, researchers, educators, regulators, and policymakers. Each issue provides up-to-date information regarding extramural projects managed under the Strategic Center for Natural Gas and Oil’s traditional oil and gas program, the EPAct Section 999 Program administered by the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA), and in-house oil and gas research carried out by NETL’s Research & Innovation Center.

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Fall 2015 Issue [PDF-5.08MB] NETL has, and continues, to fund research to increase subsurface
understanding, from fluid flow in permeable environments to fracture generation mechanics to chemical interactions in various formation types. A number of these research projects, undertaken in conjunction with academic institutions and national laboratories, are detailed in this issue of E&P Focus.

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