Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative

The Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative (CCSI) leverages the Department of Energy’s core strengths in modeling and simulation to accelerate the development and commercialization of new carbon capture technologies. Central to this partnership is the CCSI Toolset, an integrated suite of validated science-based computational models and simulation & analysis tools. The CCSI Toolset (1) enables promising concepts to be more quickly identified through rapid computational screening of processes and devices, (2) reduces the time to design and troubleshoot new devices and processes by using optimization techniques to focus development on the best overall process conditions and by using detailed equipment models to better understand and improve the internal behavior of complex equipment, (3) quantifies the technical risk in taking technology from laboratory scale to commercial scale by understanding the sources and effects of model and parameter uncertainty, and (4) will ultimately stabilize deployment costs more quickly by providing industry with a more fundamental understanding of the entire capture process.

Commercialization of the technologies available in the toolset is expected to provide significant economic impacts because the implementation of these tools holds potential to reduce technology development time by 25 percent and costs by $500 million for each technology scaled up utilizing the CCSI Toolset. Industry has enthusiastically embraced the releases of the CCSI Toolset, and eleven companies currently hold licenses for the technologies: GE, Alstom, Phillips 66, B&W, and Chevron, EPRI, SRI GSE Systems, ESI, WS Corporation and Clean Energy Systems. Due to intense industry interest, the 1st generation toolset was released nearly a year ahead of schedule in 2012 so companies could begin using the technology as soon as possible. The 4th generation of the CCSI Toolset will be released in November 2015, after which industry involvement is expected to continue to grow, positioning CCSI as an important part of the nation’s energy future.