Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies enable coal to remain a part of the “all of the above” energy strategy to provide clean, affordable energy using our abundant domestic fossil fuel resources.

Coal-fueled power plants of the future will greatly reduce carbon emissions at greater efficiency and lower cost by implementing a variety of advanced carbon capture technologies that can remove CO2 in both the pre- and post-combustion stages.

The captured CO2 will then need to be permanently and safely stored, and NETL is working on carbon storage solutions to do just that. Through collaborations with strategic partnerships, development and validation of risk assessment and monitoring technologies, understanding of storage resources and capacities, and implementation of large-volume field projects, the Laboratory is providing a strong foundation for the future of CO2 storage in deep geologic formations.

NETL has been developing transformative CCS technologies for several years with a goal of making CCS a more efficient and affordable option to address the urgent call of curbing global climate change. The Laboratory and its research partners continue to innovate cost-effective, safe CCS technologies as part of a long-term strategy for mitigating carbon emissions from fossil fuels. Widespread deployment of these technologies, both domestically and internationally, is poised to change the face of fossil energy, coupling abundant, reliable energy resources with responsible environmental stewardship.