Computational Materials Design of Castable SX Ni-based Superalloys for IGT Blade Components


A single-crystal model blade (length: 170mm)
A single-crystal model blade (length: 170mm)
QuesTek Innovations, LLC
Website:  QuesTek Innovations LLC
Award Number:  SC0009592
Project Duration:  02/19/2013 – 10/14/2018
Total Award Value:  $2,148,473
DOE Share:  $2,148,473
Performer Share:  $0
Technology Area:  Advanced Turbines
Key Technology:  Advanced Combustion Turbines
Location:  Evanston, Illinois

Project Description

QuesTek Innovations will computationally design a highly castable single crystal (SX) nickel-based super alloy that can be cast as large Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT) blade components, provide hot corrosion resistance, and provide superior creep performance comparable to state-of-the-art SX aero-turbine blades.

Project Benefits

IGTs operating at higher temperatures, enabled by new high yield SX castings, can operate at higher efficiency and thus reduce electricity-generation costs and CO2 emissions. The high yield of the new SX alloys will accelerate their adoption by the IGT community, and their enhanced temperature capability will allow hydrogen-fueled turbines and ultra-high temperature steam turbines to be developed, thus bringing the vision of zero-emission fossil-fuel power plants a step closer to realization.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager 
Mark C. Freeman:
Technology Manager 
Richard Dennis:
Principal Investigator 
Gregory Olson:

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