Advanced Filtration to Improve Single Crystal Casting Yield


Model tree schematic
Model tree schematic
Mikro Systems, Inc.
Website:  Mikro Systems Inc.
Award Number:  SC0008266
Project Duration:  06/28/2012 – 12/31/2015
Total Award Value:  $1,149,748
DOE Share:  $1,149,748
Performer Share:  $0
Technology Area:  Advanced Turbines
Key Technology:  Advanced Combustion Turbines
Location:  Charlottesville, Virginia

Project Description

Mikro Systems Inc (Mikro) intends to extend the use of their Tomo Lithographic Molding (TOMO) manufacturing platform within the investment casting process through the development of engineered ceramic filters for metal casting. Current state casting filters are not sophisticated from a design perspective and no specific filters have been engineered for single crystal (SX) casting. This project will focus on developing ceramic filters that will optimize filtration performance while enabling directional flow of molten alloy during the SX casting process. These performance advantages will be enabled through the geometric design of the filter. Another anticipated benefit is the ability to design part-specific filtration schemes for advanced airfoil castings.

Project Benefits

Mikro, through this work, could significantly improve casting yields, lowering the cost and thereby removing a primary obstacle to more wide spread use of SX casting for industrial gas turbines and other critical investment cast products.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager 
Robin Ames:
Technology Manager 
Richard Dennis:
Principal Investigator 
John Paulus:

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