Microstructure and Properties of Ni-based Components fabricated by Additive Manufacturing


No spallation for wrought HX 4x100 hours at 950 degrees Celsius.
No spallation for wrought HX 4x100 hours at 950 degrees Celsius.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Website:  ORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Award Number:  FWP-FEAA119
Project Duration:  09/01/2015 – 09/30/2018
Total Award Value:  $954,000
DOE Share:  $954,000
Performer Share:  $0
Technology Area:  Plant Optimization Technologies
Key Technology:  High Performance Materials
Location:  Oak Ridge, TN

Project Description

NETL is partnering with ORNL to optimize the additive manufacturing (AM) fabrication process to produce gas turbine components made of high-temperature nickel (Ni)-based Hastelloy X (HX) alloy. The project team will compare results for HX alloy products made using the three main AM techniques: electron beam melting (EBM), laser metal deposition (LMD), and selective laser melting (SLM). Extensive microstructure characterization and mechanical testing will be performed to determine the relationships among the deposition process, microstructure, and mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of actual gas turbine components fabricated by additive manufacturing will be measured and, as a final step, cost analyses of the three AM processes will be conducted to establish the potential gains of using EBM, LMD, or SLM over conventional fabrication routes.

Project Benefits

The developed technology is anticipated to be used to produce high-temperature gas turbine components as well as similar-size components for other advanced fossil energy applications.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager 
Vito Cedro: vito.cedro@netl.doe.gov
Technology Manager 
Briggs White: briggs.white@netl.doe.gov
Principal Investigator 
Sebastien N. Dryepondt: dryepondtsn@ornl.gov

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