Development of High Performance Ni-Base Alloys for Gas Turbine Wheels using a Co-Precipitation Approach


Phase field model simulation showing that γ’’ provides a barrier to diffusion of Al which is needed for γ’ to grow
Phase field model simulation showing that γ’’ provides a barrier to diffusion of Al which is needed for γ’ to grow
Ohio State University
Website:  The Ohio State University
Award Number:  FE0031278
Project Duration:  10/01/2017 – 09/30/2020
Total Award Value:  $836,651
DOE Share:  $600,000
Performer Share:  $236,651
Technology Area:  Advanced Turbines
Key Technology:  Advanced Combustion Turbines
Location:  Columbus, Ohio

Project Description

The Ohio State University will focus on the design and development of novel superalloys with improved creep strength under high operating temperatures. A new generation of Ni-base superalloys, with creep properties at 1200°F, that are comparable to conventional alloy 718 operating at 1000°F, will be developed by utilizing the strategy of co-precipitation of strengthening phases that inhibits the deleterious coarsening on these phases during conventional processing of large turbine disks. Building upon research in an earlier NETL effort (DE-FE0026299), validated modeling capabilities for predicting precipitation sequences, yield strength, and creep response will be produced.

Project Benefits

Anticipated benefits from projects funded through the University Turbine Systems Research (UTSR) Program include development of technologies that will accelerate turbine performance, efficiency, and emissions reduction beyond the current-state-of-the-art and reduce the risk to market for novel and advanced turbine-based power generation. In addition, the UTSR Program seeks to maintain and enhance U.S. university-based turbine science capabilities to ensure a world-class scientific workforce for future generations. UTSR is a component of NETL’s Advanced Turbines Program that manages a portfolio of projects designed to remove environmental concerns over the future use of fossil fuels by developing revolutionary, near-zero-emission advanced turbines technologies.

Contact Information

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Patcharin Burke:
Technology Manager 
Richard Dennis:
Principal Investigator 
Michael Mills:

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