Zeolite Membrane Reactor for Pre-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture


Membrane test skid at the National Carbon Capture Center
Membrane test skid at the National Carbon Capture Center
Arizona State University
Website:  Arizona State University
Award Number:  FE0026435
Project Duration:  10/01/2015 – 01/31/2019
Total Award Value:  $3,450,760
DOE Share:  $2,760,797
Performer Share:  $689,963
Technology Area:  Pre-Combustion Capture
Key Technology:  Membranes
Location:  Tempe, Arizona

Project Description

Arizona State University, in collaboration with Media and Processes Technology Inc., the University of Cincinnati, and Nexant Inc., will develop a bench-scale zeolite membrane reactor for water-gas shift (WGS) reaction with carbon dioxide (CO2) capture. The project is based on the previous successful lab-scale validation of a stable, hydrogen (H2) semi-permeable MFI-type zeolite membrane reactor. The research includes scaling up the synthesis of zeolite membrane tubes; design and fabrication of the membrane reactor modules; testing bench-scale zeolite membrane reactors; and process design and techno-economic analysis of the membrane reactor integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) process. Once developed, the bench-scale zeolite membrane WGS reactor will be tested using raw synthesis gas (syngas) from a coal gasifier for H2 production at a capacity equivalent to a 10 kWe IGCC power plant. The project goal is to develop a bench-scale zeolite membrane reactor with the capacity of producing 10 kg of H2 per day, and to identify the operating conditions for a single-stage membrane reactor to produce a concentrated H2 stream with carbon monoxide conversion higher than 99 percent, CO2 capture greater than 90 percent, CO2 purity greater than 95 percent, and a cost of CO2 capture at less than $40/tonne of CO2. The performance and cost-effectiveness of the membrane reactor process will be evaluated for use in a 550-MWe coal-burning IGCC plant for CO2 capture.

Project Benefits

This will be the first effort to study zeolite membrane reactors for high temperature chemical reaction and gas separation at this scale. The process design and techno-economic analyses, with the input of the experimental findings, will validate the effectiveness of the zeolite membrane reactor for WGS reaction and CO2/H2 separation. The results of this project will provide a foundation and guide for further scaling up of the membrane reactor technology for pre-combustion CO2 capture at pilot scale.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager 
Andrew Jones: andrew.jones@netl.doe.gov
Technology Manager 
Lynn Brickett: lynn.brickett@netl.doe.gov
Principal Investigator 
Jerry Lin: jerry.lin@asu.edu

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