Combined Sorbent/WGS-Based CO2 Capture Process with Integrated Heat Management for IGCC Systems


Optical microscopic image of MFEC
Optical microscopic image of MFEC
Southern Research Institute
Website:  Southern Research
Award Number:  FE0026388
Project Duration:  10/01/2015 – 01/31/2019
Total Award Value:  $2,452,739
DOE Share:  $1,962,191
Performer Share:  $490,548
Technology Area:  Pre-Combustion Capture
Key Technology:  Novel Concepts
Location:  Birmingham, Alabama

Project Description

Southern Research, along with IntraMicron and Nexant, will conduct laboratory-scale research to develop a combined magnesium oxide (MgO)-based carbon dioxide (CO2) sorbent/water-gas shift (WGS) reactor that offers the simplicity of a fixed-bed adsorber/reactor and also the reactivity and heat management ability of a complex fluidized bed reactor. In addition to consolidating CO2 capture with WGS, the process will reduce parasitic energy losses by operating at warm gas temperatures, reduce parasitic plant load (i.e., steam and auxiliary power) by reducing or eliminating temperature swings for regeneration, and reduce separation costs by regenerating the sorbent in a stream of 99 percent CO2. The heat management capability is based on IntraMicron’s microfibrous entrapped catalyst (MFEC) technology. The project goal is to develop a combined CO2 sorbent/WGS reactor-based process with advanced integrated heat management to capture 90 percent of the CO2 from the Transport Reactor Integrated Gasifier (TRIG) syngas for integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) applications. The process will also be applicable to other gasifiers that are candidates for IGCC power plants with CO2 capture, and aims to reduce the cost of electricity by 30 percent as compared to conventional CO2 capture methods. Project researchers will develop the CO2 sorbent/WGS catalyst reactor system through rigorous modeling and laboratory-scale testing, with the goal of being ready for potential subsequent bench-scale testing by the end of the project.

Project Benefits

The combined CO2 sorbent/WGS reactor-based process offers high levels of durability, simplicity, flexibility, and heat management ability. Data and modeling tasks planned will confirm if a commercial process based on this technology is a potential pathway to meet DOE energy performance goals of 90 percent CO2 capture, 95 percent CO2 purity, and potential for 30 percent reduction in the cost of electricity compared to baseline CO2 capture approaches.

Contact Information

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