Advanced Ultrasupercritical (AUSC) Materials Thick-Walled Cycling Header Development for Comtest-AUSC


European ComTest Header Configuration,<br/>CCA 617 alloy (left)
European ComTest Header Configuration,
CCA 617 alloy (left)
Alstom Power, Inc.
Website:  Alstom Power, Inc
Award Number:  FE0026183
Project Duration:  09/16/2015 – 12/31/2017
Total Award Value:  $870,520
DOE Share:  $696,416
Performer Share:  $174,104
Technology Area:  Plant Optimization Technologies
Key Technology:  High Performance Materials
Location:  Windsor, CT

Project Description

NETL is partnering with GE Power (Alstom Power, Inc. prior to the merger of Alstom Power and GE), Steam Power Systems to develop a design for testing a high-temperature nickel-based superalloy thick-walled header for cycling and flexible plant operation in new advanced ultrasupercritical (AUSC) and existing ultrasupercritical and supercritical plants. This project focuses on developing a design for the high-temperature nickel-based superalloy header component typical of a thick-walled header subjected to thermal and pressure cycling of full-scale AUSC steam cycle loading conditions. This upfront analytical simulation of the design will eliminate or minimize potential operational problems for the actual ComTest-AUSC and will lead to successful testing of advanced materials for thick-walled pressure parts such as the headers and piping. This project will design the layout for the piping system and identify specific instrumentation needed for component testing of the AUSC steam temperature cycling and data logging system required during operation.

Project Benefits

This project will demonstrate recently developed Ni-based superalloys that can operate at higher temperatures and support future transformational power technologies such as AUSC oxy-combustion, supercritical CO2 cycles, nuclear power, solar power, and natural gas combined cycle units.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager 
Otis Mills:
Technology Manager 
Briggs White:
Principal Investigator 
Dr. Buchi Ganta:

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