Benefits of Hot Isostatic Pressure/Powdered Metal (HIP/PM) and Additive Manufacturing (AM) to Fabricate Advanced Energy System Components


An A-282 step component that<br/>has been duplicated using HIP/PM
An A-282 step component that
has been duplicated using HIP/PM
Energy Industries of Ohio, Inc.
Website:  Energy Industries of Ohio Inc.
Award Number:  FE0024014
Project Duration:  10/01/2014 – 09/30/2016
Total Award Value:  $625,000
DOE Share:  $500,000
Performer Share:  $125,000
Technology Area:  Plant Optimization Technologies
Key Technology:  High Performance Materials
Location:  Independence, Ohio

Project Description

This project goal is to demonstrate how tailoring Hot Isostatic Pressure of Powdered Metal (HIP/PM), coupled with advances in Additive Manufacturing (AM) has specific, measurable benefits for fabricating advanced energy system components. The objectives for the project include: 1) produce fully dense test coupons to determine the requisite material characterization and sintering protocols, 2) produce two HIP cans in A 282 with different wall thicknesses, and 3) analyze valve parts for chemical and material properties.

Project Benefits

The expected benefit of this project includes validation of AM (combining 3DP & HIP) as a viable method of producing A-282 components, acquisition of key information about cost, manufacturing challenges/opportunities, and lead-times compared to other methods including HIP/PM and casting.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager 
Sydni Credle:
Technology Manager 
Robert Romanosky:
Principal Investigator 
Nancy Horton:

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