TurboGT (TM) Gas Turbine with ArticReturn (TM) Cooling


FTT’s TurboGT<sup>TM</sup> and TurboGT-Plus<sup>TM</sup> Technology<br/>Offers Potential to Surpasse DOE’s (65% LHV)<br/>Efficiency Goal, Reduces Cost and Improves<br/>Turndown for Integration with Intermittent Power
FTT’s TurboGTTM and TurboGT-PlusTM Technology
Offers Potential to Surpasse DOE’s (65% LHV)
Efficiency Goal, Reduces Cost and Improves
Turndown for Integration with Intermittent Power
Florida Turbine Technologies, Inc.
Website:  Florida Turbine Technologies, Inc.
Award Number:  FE0023975
Project Duration:  10/01/2014 – 06/30/2016
Total Award Value:  $874,220
DOE Share:  $699,376
Performer Share:  $174,844
Technology Area:  Advanced Turbines
Key Technology:  Advanced Combustion Turbines
Location:  Jupiter, Florida

Project Description

Florida Turbine Technologies, Inc. (FTT) will develop an advanced turbomachinery component technology system to achieve greater than 67 percent efficiency based on fuel lower heating value in combined-cycle operation. The scope of this project includes advanced gas turbine component and system performance simulation modeling and the optimization of component arrangements to meet the specific goals and targets of the program. The project will also include conceptual designs of the turbomachinery components and the overall system. This work will lay the foundation for the design of equipment and overall power plant for a sub-scale, prototype demonstration.

Project Benefits

The FTT project will address current roadblocks to increasing overall power plant efficiency and provide research into a fundamental change in the way gas-turbine power is generated relative to the current state-of-the-art. The proposed approach to the turbomachinery arrangement addresses the need to increase overall efficiency to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources such as coal, natural gas and oil, reduce cost, and improve turndown for integration with intermittent power sources.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager 
Steven Richardson: steven.richardson@netl.doe.gov
Technology Manager 
Richard Dennis: richard.dennis@netl.doe.gov
Principal Investigator 
Joe Brostmeyer: jbrostmeyer@fttinc.com

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