Feasibility Studies to Improve Plant Availability and Reduce Total Installed Cost in IGCC Plants


The typical IGCC plant layout offers multiple<br/>opportunities to improve availability and<br/>affordability. (Courtesy: GE Energy)
The typical IGCC plant layout offers multiple
opportunities to improve availability and
affordability. (Courtesy: GE Energy)
General Electric (GE) Company
Website:  General Electric
Award Number:  FE0007859
Project Duration:  10/01/2011 – 07/31/2015
Total Award Value:  $2,668,863
DOE Share:  $2,139,938
Performer Share:  $528,924
Technology Area:  Gasification Systems
Key Technology:  Gasifier Optimization and Plant Supporting Systems
Location:  Houston, Texas

Project Description

General Electric (GE) sees opportunity in the global trend for cleaner power production using its IGCC technology. The company believes that power can be economically and cleanly produced from coal through the use of its technologies and desires to utilize its coal gasification and power generation technology expertise to meet this goal. The objective of this 3-year project is to evaluate potential improvement in total installed cost and availability through deployment of a multi-faceted approach encompassing technology evaluation, constructability assessment, and design methodology. Eastman Chemical Company is supporting the GE effort by providing consulting on the evaluation and technology transfer phases of the project. The end result is to reduce the time to technological maturity and enable plants to reach higher values of availability in a shorter period of time at a lower installed cost.

Project Benefits

This General Electric Company project focuses on studying the feasibility of improving plant availability and reducing total installed costs in integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plants, by developing and improving operating methodologies, simulations, and control philosophies. The project targets reducing the time to technological maturity and enabling plants to 90 percent availability in a shorter period of time and at a lower installed cost. Specifically, this project will develop techno-economic studies using cost and availability data.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager 
K David Lyons: k.lyons@netl.doe.gov
Technology Manager 
Jenny Tennant: jenny.tennant@netl.doe.gov
Principal Investigator 
Christine Zemsky: christine.zemsky@ge.com

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