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Performer:  Giner, Inc. Location:  Newton, Massachusetts
Project Duration:  06/13/2016 – 03/12/2017 Award Number:  SC0015857
Technology Area:  Carbon Use and Reuse Total Award Value:  $149,996
Key Technology:  Chemical Conversion DOE Share:  $149,996
Performer Share:  $0

Giner’s cell configuration and experimental setup
Giner’s cell configuration and experimental setup

Project Description

In this Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project, Giner, Inc. (Giner), in partnership with City College of New York (CCNY), will synthesize highly selective nanostructured copper catalysts, which can help convert carbon dioxide (CO2) to methane at high-faradaic efficiency. The electrocatalyst will be integrated into membrane and electrode assemblies that will be evaluated in an electrolyzer platform. The project will focus on integrating the advanced CO2 reduction catalysts developed at CCNY into Giner’s state-of-the-art electrolyzer, which harnesses surplus renewable energy to convert CO2 to valuable hydrocarbon fuels. Giner will further develop the CO2 reduction catalysts for electrochemical reduction of CO2 to hydrocarbon fuels; construct flow electrolyzer cells by integrating CO2 reduction catalysts with other components; optimize operating conditions of electrolyzer cells to maximize the efficiency, selectivity, and yield of hydrocarbon fuels; and perform the economic analysis of flow electrolyzer cells under the scenario of utilizing a renewable energy cell.

Project Benefits

Practical conversion of waste CO2 into valuable fuels can have significant environmental benefits. This technology uses surplus renewable energy for CO2 conversion to fuels, addressing a persistent challenge of renewable energy of how to store surplus energy during off-peak time. The produced hydrocarbons (methane or ethane) from CO2 can be directly used as fuels or to synthesize other chemical compounds.

Presentations, Papers, and Publications

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Steven Mascaro: steven.mascaro@netl.doe.gov
Technology Manager Lynn Brickett: lynn.brickett@netl.doe.gov
Principal Investigator Hui Xu: hxu@ginerinc.com