Real-Time 3-D Volume Imaging and Mass-Gauging of High Temperature Flows and Power System Components in a Fossil Fuel Reactor Using Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography Email Page
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Performer: Tech4Imaging
NETL CLC Demo Unit, ECVT Sensors (left),<br/>4in &2in Sensors, CLC demo Unit,<br/>ECVT Sensors (right)
NETL CLC Demo Unit, ECVT Sensors (left),
4in &2in Sensors, CLC demo Unit,
ECVT Sensors (right)
Website: Tech4Imaging
Award Number: SC0010228
Project Duration: 06/10/2013 – 07/30/2019
Total Award Value: $2,149,686
DOE Share: $2,149,686
Performer Share: $0
Technology Area: Plant Optimization Technologies
Key Technology: Sensors & Controls
Location: Columbus, Ohio

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