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Performer:  University of Michigan Location:  Ann Arbor, Michigan
Project Duration:  10/01/2017 – 09/30/2020 Award Number:  FE0031228
Technology Area:  Advanced Turbines Total Award Value:  $800,000
Key Technology:  Pressure Gain Combustion DOE Share:  $600,000
Performer Share:  $200,000

This is a 3-D rendering of an RDE system that is like the type of system that will be used in testing.
This is a 3-D rendering of an RDE system that is like the type of system that will be used in testing.

Project Description

Rotating detonation engines (RDEs) provide a promising route to substantially increasing cycle efficiency in stationary gas turbines. Much of this increase relies on the ability to achieve consistent pressure gain within the combustor. The University of Michigan will develop a comprehensive understanding of injector dynamics, evaluate the effects of multi-component fuels (syngas and hydrocarbon blends) on RDE operation, and develop advanced diagnostics coupled with predictive computational models for studying detonation propagation in RDEs. The codes and models developed for this project will use an open source framework increasing the likelihood of industry adoption. Additionally, experimental tools and databases resulting from this project pertaining to fundamental aspects of RDEs will be available to the design community.

Project Benefits

Anticipated benefits from projects funded through the University Turbine Systems Research (UTSR) Program include development of technologies that will accelerate turbine performance, efficiency, and emissions reduction beyond the current-state-of-the-art and reduce the risk to market for novel and advanced turbine-based power generation. In addition, the UTSR Program seeks to maintain and enhance U.S. university-based turbine science capabilities to ensure a world-class scientific workforce for future generations. UTSR is a component of NETL’s Advanced Turbines Program that manages a portfolio of projects designed to remove environmental concerns over the future use of fossil fuels by developing revolutionary, near-zero-emission advanced turbines technologies.

Presentations, Papers, and Publications

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Robin Ames: robin.ames@netl.doe.gov
Technology Manager Richard Dennis: richard.dennis@netl.doe.gov
Principal Investigator Mirko Gamba: mirkog@umich.edu