Nano Engineered Catalyst Supported on Ceramic Hollow Fibers for the Utilization of CO2 in Dry Reforming to Produce Syngas Email Page
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Performer: Institute of Gas Technology Inc. (IGT)
Image of nano-engineered catalyst inset<br/>shows size distribution of nanoparticles<br>Source: Applied Catalysis B: Environmental,<br/>Volume 201, February 2017, Pages 302-309
Image of nano-engineered catalyst inset
shows size distribution of nanoparticles
Source: Applied Catalysis B: Environmental,
Volume 201, February 2017, Pages 302-309
Website: Gas Technology Institute
Award Number: FE0029760
Project Duration: 07/01/2017 – 06/30/2020
Total Award Value: $999,797
DOE Share: $799,807
Performer Share: $199,990
Technology Area: Carbon Use and Reuse
Key Technology: Chemical Conversion
Location: Des Plaines, Illinois

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