Nano Engineered Catalyst Supported on Ceramic Hollow Fibers for the Utilization of CO2 in Dry Reforming to Produce Syngas Email Page
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Performer:  Gas Technology Institute (GTI) Location:  Des Plaines, Illinois
Project Duration:  07/01/2017 – 06/30/2020 Award Number:  FE0029760
Technology Area:  Carbon Use and Reuse Total Award Value:  $999,797
Key Technology:  Chemical Conversion DOE Share:  $799,807
Performer Share:  $199,990

Image of nano-engineered catalyst inset<br/>shows size distribution of nanoparticles<br>Source: Applied Catalysis B: Environmental,<br/>Volume 201, February 2017, Pages 302-309
Image of nano-engineered catalyst inset
shows size distribution of nanoparticles
Source: Applied Catalysis B: Environmental,
Volume 201, February 2017, Pages 302-309

Project Description

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) has teamed with Missouri University of Science and Technology to develop a novel catalytic reactor that utilizes carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal-fired power plants in the dry reforming of methane (CO2 + CH4 → 2 H2 + 2 CO) to produce synthesis gas, the building block for a large market of valuable products and chemicals. The catalytic reactor will contain nano-engineered catalyst, deposited on high packing-density hollow fibers. This work builds on the team’s promising nano-engineered catalyst that shows much higher catalytic activity and better stability than conventional catalysts in dry reforming for production of syngas. Researchers will develop and optimize the catalyst, deposit it on hollow fibers, and design and construct a catalytic reactor. Performance testing will be done for two reactor configurations, (packed bed mode and pressure-driven transport mode). Additionally, a technical and economic feasibility study and a life cycle analysis will be completed.

Project Benefits

This novel catalytic technology, that utilizes CO2 captured from coal-fired power plants, has the potential to enable an economic process for the dry reforming of methane to produce syngas—the building block for a large market of valuable products and chemicals.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Bruce Lani:
Technology Manager Lynn Brickett:
Principal Investigator Dr. Shiguang Li: