Establishing An Early Carbon Dioxide Storage (ECO2S) Complex in Kemper County, Mississippi: Project ECO2S Email Page
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Performer:  Southern States Energy Board Location:  Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Project Duration:  03/01/2017 – 02/28/2019 Award Number:  FE0029465
Technology Area:  Storage Infrastructure Total Award Value:  $14,735,716
Key Technology:  Characterization Field Projects (Onshore & Offshore) DOE Share:  $10,995,537
Performer Share:  $3,740,179

Project Description

As part of the Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise (CarbonSAFE) Initiative, the Project ECO2S team will demonstrate that the subsurface adjacent to the Kemper County energy facility has the potential to store commercial volumes of CO2 safely, permanently, and economically within a regionally significant saline reservoir system. To meet this CarbonSAFE Storage Complex Feasibility objective, the team will characterize and refine its understanding of the site’s subsurface geology through the drilling, coring, and logging of three new wells. Reservoir properties established from existing and the newly acquired core and log data will be used to construct a geologic model. The model will be used to track the CO2 plume and identify key risk parameters. Finally, the team will develop robust monitoring plans specific to the site and identify the contractual and regulatory pathways necessary to develop this significant storage site and to assess project risks.

Project Benefits

One of the key gaps in the critical path toward CCS deployment is the development of commercial-scale (50 million metric tons CO2) geologic storage sites for CO2 from industrial sources. Commercial-scale CO2 sources that want to develop CCS projects face the risk of not finding a suitable saline storage site for their captured CO2. This project responds to DOE/NETL’s CarbonSAFE initiative, an effort to develop an integrated CCS storage complex constructed and permitted for operation in the 2025 timeframe over a series of sequential phases of development: Integrated CCS Pre-Feasibility, Storage Complex Feasibility, Site Characterization and Permitting, and Construction. Project ECO2S will support DOE’s Carbon Storage R&D Program objectives: ensure 99 percent storage permanence, refine understanding of CO2 storage efficiency and containment, enhance industry’s ability to predict (as well as optimize) CO2 storage capacity, and contribute to DOE’s commercial-scale best practices manuals.

Presentations, Papers, and Publications

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Mary Sullivan:
Technology Manager Traci Rodosta:
Principal Investigator Kenneth J. Nemeth: